Eel Soup - WARNING!

I'm only posting this because I want you to share my pain! <P></P> <P>I just spent 20 minutes editing the nastiest fucking video I think I've ever seen in my entire life. I've seen one or two shit-eating clips on the Internet, which are tame in comparison to this twisted video you are about to see. --I've given it the title of 'Eel Soup'</P> <P>I actually found myself dry-heaving in the middle of editing this clip, as I had to do several edits in order to get my splices in the right place on the video. --I was trying to add some funny comments to the clip, but couldn't stand to over-analyze it and ponder the concept in search of witty comments... In fact... I didn't even review it to see how my comments turned out in the video, so you'll have to let me know if I was funny or not. </P> <P> </P></A>

Enjoy it you sick fuckers! (My favorite kind of sushi is 'Smoked Eel'.. I think I may have fucked that up for myself for the rest of my life)

( if you can't stomach the full video... here's the 'Grand Finale' / highlights version - with music!)

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