Naked Romanian Gymnasts Part III - Uneven Bars

<A href=\";file=article&amp;sid=540&amp;mode=flat&amp;order=0&amp;thold=-1\"><IMG src=\"\" align=left border=0></A>Ok... here it is, by popular demand --the Hot Naked Romanian Gymnasts on the uneven bars. <P></P> <P>Lavinia, the hottie in this clip was a little wobbly at the beginning of her naked routine, however, I'm still in awe.&nbsp; --She's pretty damn hot and has a great rack for an athlete.&nbsp; </P> <P>I'm sure that there are more clips of these hotties floating around... as I find them, I'll post them. </P>

thanks again to hrunner for sending me these videos!

Lavinia - Uneven Bars Routine - (.wmv format, 9.5Mb)

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