BLOG: welcome to the titanic... enjoy your ride!

All aboard... last call for the UJ Titanic! Well my friends, the shitty economy - or as I like to call it... The Vortex Of Suck, has finally gotten a death grip on the UJ Network. But fear not, I have some awesome fappable content for your viewing pleasure...
for those of you who are new to - and to my old friends, I gotta tell ya... these are some dark times.

I have been delivering crazy fucked up visual entertainment for over 10 years, and the site has always done quite well in terms of paying for itself, but not so much anymore. While site traffic remains fairly strong, the advertising brings in about 1/10th of the revenue compared to 2 years ago on the same traffic.

Even in the face of going dark, I still turn down some money offers. A lot of sites are looking the other way when spyware, credit card scammers, and hackers offer big bucks to those willing to throw visitors under the bus. I personally would rather go dark quietly instead of making a few quick bucks off my loyal friends and site followers.

Anyway... blah, blah, blah, woe is me... here is what lies ahead. I have started fishing around for a (yikes... GASP) day job / desk job, but it is crazy that people want to hire a Web Developer / Network Engineer / System Architect for about $25/hour... are you fucking kidding me! Reasonably good sized companies want to pay highly skilled labor less than someone they pay to mow their damn lawn & trim bushes! I cannot begin to fathom why companies believe that they can hire skilled labor - with access to all of their online assets, yet gouge them... and then wonder why their most skilled staff members have zero loyalty. So... Since I cannot find a decent job ATM to put food on my table at home, I will keep on doing this for however long I can. Keep your fingers crossed that the online advertising markets, job market, and overall economy will rebound in early 2012. While I look at my own situation here (under-employed at the moment), my heart goes out to others who are totally unemployed running on fumes. HANG IN THERE MY FRIENDS! I am grateful that I have something still trickling in, and hope it is enough to carry the network to brighter days.

With all of this being said... I still plan on posting crazy videos and stuff daily, but as some of you might have noticed, there is clearly a stronger shift to more automated features and user generated content on the network. You guys are the best asset of this network and I hope you find the features and functionality to be fun, time consuming, and a great escape from reality. I really want to see this site interactively engage users to a much greater degree - with image fetching tools, discussion forums, comments areas, image sharing tools, etc.

Expect to see some bigger attention on the UJ Forums next year, along with some development of new site tools and hacks that make sharing crazy content a lot easier and available for discussion with other members of the network.

shameless new features plugs
FappableNOW - the MyFreeCams webcam hack!
UJ Network real-time twitter image search hack

So climb aboard, grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the show... this baby is heading into some uncharted waters!


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