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another random BLOG: Visitor Project... SEARCH FOR USELESSJUNK ON GOOGLE AND PLUS 1 THE SITE! Maybe it is because I just suck and became irrelevant online, or maybe it is a big conspiracy by google to abolish me and my fellow Crazy Fd Up Video webmaster friends. 5 years ago, about 50%++ of my traffic came from google... now I get about 1%, BUT...

Google is the all mighty hand of god for webmasters. If they put you on the shit list, or classify you as a Bad Neighborhood, you can kiss your Search Engine Traffic goodbye and suffer the fate of a long slow painful death online. Years ago, I would post unique content and get crawled within a few hours by google... and end up with good targeted traffic. Now when I am the source of unique content (a la and many videos), I barely ever get crawled by google and when I do, I am on page 30++.

MY THEORY ON THE GOOGLE PLUS ONE::::: google plus 1 logo
They are taking some of the math and blind rankings out of their algorithims and turning a portion of the variables over to the people to help sanitize the results and filter out the bullshit that floats to the top of keyword search results - driven by smart marketing people who dedicate their lives to beating the system. I have a theory that if people in medium to large volumes +1, it will gain some credibility and once again rise in rankings and finally get the search engine love it deserves! I also hope that the scammers, content harvesters and SEO cheats finally get squeezed out of the search engines and wilt away into oblivion.

So please help me test this out and give me some +1 love. If you like the site and want to see it born again, hook me up. If you want me to continue to eat shit and speed up the downward spiral into the darkness, then just ignore me and burden yourself with the guilt of turning your back on an old friend.

/shameless begging guilt trip

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