is this Erin Andrews - ESPN Reporter Peephole Video From Hotel Room

this is a video that is blasting around the internets. it is rumored to be Erin Andrews the sexy and super hot sports reporter from ESPN. this kind of press will make her a household name... regardless if it is her or not. it sure looks like her to me. very fappable too!
Update to the Updated article....

we can officially confirm that some creepy perv pulled off an epic peephole video invasion that caught Erin Andrews on video while naked in a hotel room. Her lawyers contacted the UJ Network offices today and issued a legal smack-down over the content and confirmed that the videos rumored to be Erin Andrews naked were in fact actually her.

to comply with the request of the lawyers for Erin Andrews... ESPN super-hottie sports reporter, we have disabled the link to the video which was being broadcasted by the google video service. the video was never actually hosted on the servers... nor did we allow any still images or thumbnails showing Erin (aka Aaron Andrews according to 1000's of morons who are typing the wrong name into the site search form and google search engine).

We have already been removing the visitor uploaded copies of Erin naked while ironing, doing her hair, listening to her walkman... and one particular peephole video of a blonde sexy woman having sex with a black dude (not sure if this was her). The only one that has been showing to the public on this network was the version that was hosted and broadcasted by web servers - it was a short one only about 10 seconds long.

for those of you who have already seen the extended videos, it is clear that they were taken over a period of time and are without a doubt from different hotel rooms. this leads any moderately intelligent sloop to draw the conclusion that they were filmed by someone traveling with her... or someone who was aware of her hotel travel plans.

that is all for now. sorry we folded like a lawn chair under the legal pressures and can assure you that this one is going to get a whole lot more interesting as it develops... even if you can't find the video online anymore!

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