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Fantastic friendly fire PORN blooper FAIL thumbnail image
Fantastic friendly fire PORN blooper FAIL Never trust a dude with a tweety-bird tattoo at a gangbang! the Bon Jovi lookin MoFo learned a life lesson about the risks of being on the bottom and harsh reality of man-sauce friendly fire.

Kinky sex in public bathroom ends badly thumbnail image
Kinky sex in public bathroom ends badly Blorf... DOES NOT WANT... did not see that coming! The side boob tits and ass tattoo threw me off my game. This is why I never shit in public toilets... never know what happened on that seat before I got there.

hot chick gets tattoo directly on asshole thumbnail image
hot chick gets tattoo directly on asshole nothing says ANAL LOVING RAGING WHORE like a star tattoo directly on your asshole. Everyone in the room took great pleasure in her painful screams as her ass gets torn up by the tattoo needle. No shitting allowed for the next 7 days!

travis barker nude photos leaked thumbnail image
travis barker nude photos leaked Yeah... I typically avoid posting photos of naked dudes, but this one is making some big headlines. Travis Barker posted some pics to his twitter account by accident and they are flying around the net causing quite a stir. I was surprised he didn't have tattoos on his junk!

drunk guy locked in bathroom stall - surprise ending thumbnail image
drunk guy locked in bathroom stall - surprise ending Too drunk to get out of a bathroom stall... this is clearly a sign that the party is just getting started for this guy! After a bit of a surprise ending, it is now time to head to the tattoo parlor for a tattoo across the forehead to immortalize the evening.

Tory Lane PORN FAIL - insane fit of rage thumbnail image
Tory Lane PORN FAIL - insane fit of rage Tory Lane has two rules. Dont touch her tattoos & dont beat the shit out of her face. Talk about high standards.. but this fiery eyed slut isnt fucking around . One of her costars decides to test her anyway, resulting in a brief but epic rage quit.

mother and daughter share a tattoo FAIL thumbnail image
mother and daughter share a tattoo FAIL LOL at how frustrated the tattoo artist gets when mom starts yelling about the pain from the tattoo needle. sure the tattoo needle stings a bit, but if you keep moving, the artist is gonna put some scribble across your shoulder and the tattoo will look more like a donut compared to that pretty rose you were hoping for.

Porn Kills - Sunny Dae murders client thumbnail image
Porn Kills - Sunny Dae murders client Amanda Logue, aka porn performer Sunny Dae, has been indicted for the bludgeoning and stabbing murder of Dennis “Scooter” Abrahamsen, a tattoo parlor owner who had hired Logue as an escort. Her boyfriend Jason Andrews (gay porn star Addison) served as her co-conspirator and he has a warrant out for his arrest.

yeah... you gonna get fired from porn for that thumbnail image
yeah... you gonna get fired from porn for that like BP Oil failing trying to cap plume of oil, this guy tried to put a cork on his cock when an eruption came without warning. You sir have failed... don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. note: No stupid dolphin tattoos were harmed in the filming of this fail.

Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock WITH THIS thumbnail image
Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock WITH THIS Dude... WTF was Jesse James thinking when he cheated on his wife - Sandra Bullock with this chick? Her name is Michelle McGee and she is some sort of human tattoo canvas. She even has tattoos all over her face! I seriously think we finally found someone dumber than Tiger Woods!

most idiotic tattoo of all time thumbnail image
most idiotic tattoo of all time hey bro... that ink is permanent! there are dumb tattoos, then there are tattoos like the one this moron got on his face. Getting a tattoo based on a trendy pair of designer sunglasses is like forever committing to a mullet - because it was cool for about 10 years back in the 80's.

vintage porn - blonde natural hottie sucking thumbnail image
vintage porn - blonde natural hottie sucking I want to go back in time and fuck all of the whores from the 60\'s and 70\'s. I plan to bring a razor with me so I can shave the hair bushes. the days of natural titties and tattoo-free beauties are almost gone forever. the blonde in the video sucks some lucky dudes cock.

Candid Camera - compare tattoos thumbnail image
Candid Camera - compare tattoos here's another clip from the Euro Candid Camera show. The music will grate on you, but the reactions to the tattoo comparison are pretty funny.

Great Body Sexy Pussy thumbnail image
Great Body Sexy Pussy Hot sexy lesbian woman with beautiful tattoos is masturbating in the shower.

tattoo chick has orgasm thumbnail image
tattoo chick has orgasm tattoo chick has orgasm

Gangsta Gays... New Gang Initiation? thumbnail image
Gangsta Gays... New Gang Initiation? Wonder if he has to get a tattoo too?

Tattooed Lesbos Get Freaky thumbnail image
Tattooed Lesbos Get Freaky Tattooed lesbians get busy with each other.

This Woman Is A Real Cow thumbnail image
This Woman Is A Real Cow Woman wants to be a cow, so she is getting cow tattoos all over her body.

Electricity Play Alex thumbnail image
Electricity Play Alex Alex is a pierced tattooed punk rock girl. She is visiting Dr. Sparky to get in touch with her Inner Freak. The demented Dr. Sparky is more than happy to introduce her to his tools of the trade. Dr. Sparky even performs a special trick popping a surprise out of Alex\'s shaved pussy. Watch as Dr. Sparky takes Alex through her paces pumping her tits, shocking her piercings, then fucking her to finish off.

Cheap tattoo removal thumbnail image
Cheap tattoo removal Cheap and easy home tattoo removal

Britney Spears Shaves Her Head! thumbnail image
Britney Spears Shaves Her Head! Britney Spears checked herself into rehab for 24 hours this week, then busted out... shaved her head & got a tattoo. You go girl!

(note: I need to start a dead-pool game... & I'm placing all of my money on Britney as the next celeb to die!)

Creepy seduction porn thumbnail image
Creepy seduction porn Yeah... we all know they are actors, and she's over 18, but damn... this is some creepy porn. (the tattoo on the girls back made me laugh though)

Jenna Jameson - 18 y/o video virgin thumbnail image
Jenna Jameson - 18 y/o video virgin Long lost video of Jenna Jameson's first time on film. She was 18, and didn't have a tattoo on her ass yet.

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Her tattoo would not deter me from crushing that ass

photo format   5 comments  45646 views
source: uselessjunk

Body mod tattoo guy gets to fuck this girl after piercing her clit JOB PERKS

video format   14 comments  177382 views
source: efukt

is this Megan Fox - I thought she had tattoos

photo format   30 comments  133009 views
source: uselessjunk

I hope that this PORN Anal babe tattoo on her ass is temporary

video format   19 comments  169812 views
source: pornhub

glad she got naked for her leg tattoo

photo format   28 comments  87990 views
source: uselessjunk

a guy with a tramp stamp back-tattoo munching pussy - that is surprising to see

photo format   32 comments  81653 views
source: uselessjunk

WOAH cops force teen at gunpoint to remove a COP KILLER Tattoo with sandpaper

video format   19 comments  46758 views
source: theync

pay up for your Tattoo or this dude will fuck your shit up

video format   22 comments  55754 views
source: theync

not a fan of her tattoos but everything else is flawless

photo format   29 comments  95179 views
source: uselessjunk

Miley Cyrus BLOWJOB photo - did she get some tattoos

photo format   38 comments  184399 views
source: uselessjunk

retro kicks on topless SELFIE girl with stupid tattoo

photo format   32 comments  119001 views
source: uselessjunk

I will bet that this tattoo on her pussy hurt like hell

photo format   33 comments  141216 views
source: uselessjunk

I want to like this tattoo but it is pretty damn stupid looking

photo format   37 comments  92452 views
source: uselessjunk

WTF is up with the stupid tattoos on college girls these days

photo format   49 comments  137549 views
source: uselessjunk

we all love Star Wars - but damn baby WTF is up with yo tattoo

photo format   34 comments  98609 views
source: uselessjunk

TATTOO hottie YOU wouldn

photo format   58 comments  51183 views
source: 25

athletic goddess...I wanna kiss her tattoo

photo format   58 comments  85435 views
source: 24

big ASSed TATTOO hottie...who could turn her down

photo format   41 comments  48982 views
source: 25

KILLER natural body with lotsa TATTOOS...would tattoo-haters turn her down?

photo format   41 comments  55894 views
source: 24

girls with tattoos deserve less respect and should be fucked harder

photo format   52 comments  97501 views
source: 25

not a big fan of tattoos but these chicks are HOT

photo format   36 comments  55151 views
source: i

we have a winner for WORST TATTOO EVER - WTF

photo format   34 comments  68427 views
source: uselessjunk

damn she ruined that sexy body with stupid tattoos

photo format   31 comments  30499 views
source: 24

GIF skinny chick with dragon TATTOO

photo format   35 comments  41010 views
source: 24

What does that tattoo on her back read

photo format   33 comments  46091 views
source: i

Ass tattoo Hot or Not

photo format   53 comments  73135 views
source: i

Yep that is a tattoo she will regret someday soon

photo format   33 comments  69260 views
source: i

POLL: tattooed or not?

photo format   75 comments  103077 views
source: 24

GIF tattooed girl rides her lover

photo format   26 comments  41343 views
source: 24

GIF tattooed babe FACIAL

photo format   38 comments  33857 views
source: 25

blonde tattoo babe has some nice tits

photo format   24 comments  53786 views
source: t

more photos of the crazy chick with the HUGE TATTOO on her face WTF

photo format   23 comments  105703 views
source: break

idiot tries to re-ink a horrible YOLO tattoo MORON

photo format   29 comments  23472 views
source: i

cute girl with an IDIOTIC career limiting tattoo across her chest

photo format   29 comments  31523 views
source: i

Not a huge fan of tattoo bitchez - but DAMN she is SEXY as hell - latex and tattoos

photo format   25 comments  53307 views
source: 24

she turned her boobs into flower tattoos Hot-O-Not

photo format   33 comments  35989 views
source: 25

naked sexy tattoo babe got a lotta hands on her naked body

photo format   23 comments  31372 views
source: i

naked tattoo chick serving some free SHOTS

photo format   22 comments  31012 views
source: i

awesome ass lots of tattoos - hot or not

photo format   31 comments  141981 views
source: t

nude sexy star tattoo on chest

photo format   23 comments  24111 views
source: t

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