LOL... LCD TV lasts 1 min before kids wreck it thumbnail image
LOL... LCD TV lasts 1 min before kids wreck it LOL... dad finally got his flat-screen LCD TV. Not even 1 minute after turning on the power, his kids tossed a ball at the screen and shattered the TV. Speechless, he just seems to stand there in disbelief as if he is watching a very bad movie. Sorry... warranty does not cover this kind of damage!

dude handles 600lb charging moose LIKE A BOSS thumbnail image
dude handles 600lb charging moose LIKE A BOSS so what would you do if a 600lb moose decided to turn in your direction and CHARGE! Running in the other direction while screaming like a little girl will not end well for you. Stand your ground an own that charging moose LIKE A BOSS!

Hotel security busts naked chick thumbnail image
Hotel security busts naked chick Oh come one man... let the girl get naked if she wants to! she is not hurting anyone, and even more important - she is not a fatty who is leaking cheese from the folds of her ass crack onto the patio floor!

LOL - double team starter kit thumbnail image
LOL - double team starter kit if you think your girl might be into chowing on another dudes dick while she is banging you too... give this threesome starter kit a try. It will also give you a good idea of your ability to handle the reality of your girlfriend getting ass reamed while you stand there with your dick in your hands. If all goes well, it is time to step up to the big leagues!

PORN FAIL... you are doing it wrong thumbnail image
PORN FAIL... you are doing it wrong he buddy, porn just aint your thing! homeboy cannot hold his load and tries to put a cap on it with the classic GI-Joe kung fu grip. Trust me, it never works. I always end up projectile spraying it 5x the distance and cover half the room in my man sauce.

awesome prank and instant karma combined thumbnail image
awesome prank and instant karma combined this my friends is a great instant karma game. Watch the fat kid stomp on the skateboard - thinking he is going to nail his friend in the family jewels with the basketball. But wait for the karma twist. If he was a tad less eager and determined to unload all of his force, he would not have hit himself in the face quite so hard.

Miami Beach cop body slams woman in dress thumbnail image
Miami Beach cop body slams woman in dress Now that is how you handle a woman who simply will not obey your authority! Following a Swedish House Mafia concert (yeah... I never heard of them either), Miami Beach police officers arrested this couple who were causing a disturbance while clearly under the influence of some some really good imported party favors. take note of the great parents who let their kids stand within 5 feet of the situation.

tandem shopping cart down flight of stairs FAIL thumbnail image
tandem shopping cart down flight of stairs FAIL How could this possibly be a good idea? How could this not end with someone getting totally messed up? I cannot believe that these idiots in the cart actually got angry with their friends when they hesitated to shove them down a flight of stairs in a shopping cart. Next stop... the Power Scooter Store for a new motorized wheelchair to go with that broken neck.

classroom table jump FAIL thumbnail image
classroom table jump FAIL When a student in a classroom does something dumb and disruptive - but only involves himself in the incident, it should be declared time served and instant karma with no after school detention required. No one was hurt & the disruptive kid is embarrassed, and the video is now on the Internet to serve further shame and to entertain millions. class dismissed!

Survivor - Anaconda in a box game FAIL thumbnail image
Survivor - Anaconda in a box game FAIL From the Dutch version of the Survivor reality TV show, the contestants were in Brazil competing in some sort of Anaconda In A Box reward challenge. They taped a Snickers bar to the head of the snake... if you were able to get the candy out of the box with your arm in one piece, you got to enjoy the sweet reward. There will be no tasty treat for this girl!

awesome Instant Karma video thumbnail image
awesome Instant Karma video I love instant karma videos! watch this kid get some instant karma after trying to kick a soccer ball at the back-side of a friend who is doing some stretching exercises. there is nothing better than getting some instant feedback and payback in a fraction of a second after doing something stupid.

college freshmen front flip off of 2nd floor balcony FAIL thumbnail image
college freshmen front flip off of 2nd floor balcony FAIL Welcome to college... it is now time to do stupid tricks to earn the respect and acceptance of your peers. This University freshman attempted a parkour style front flip from a second floor balcony, but came up with a FAIL. His first week at school will end with a trip to the university doctor to have his teeth wired back into his head.

douche drops loads of cum on people walking on street thumbnail image
douche drops loads of cum on people walking on street what a douche! this asshole busts a few nuts out of his window onto people walking on the street below. He had to get some serious distance on the cumshot to get out over the ledge below... so not sure if he made contact.

girl in acting class becomes Bottom Feeder thumbnail image
girl in acting class becomes Bottom Feeder it is safe to assume that this is an acting class - and not a modeling class... based on the mugs in the room. Someone please help me understand what could possibly be found wedged in someones backside - so appealing that after sniffing it, it would be tasted?

Banned From TV - Family Guy Animal Penis skit thumbnail image
Banned From TV - Family Guy Animal Penis skit calling your parents at 4:00 a.m. to seek assistance in identifying an animal penis based on site and smell can result in a bit of an awkward phone call. This is an awesome banned from TV Family Guy skit about identifying animal penis types in the Glory Hole Round of a game show.

girl in hallway scares people thumbnail image
girl in hallway scares people a girl dressed in a nightgown stands in the hallway of her condo complex and freaks people out as they enter the condo. Wait for the reaction of the last guy... really classy. I\'m sure the homeowners association would not be happy about this new lobby doorman.

chick exposes tits while bikini shopping thumbnail image
chick exposes tits while bikini shopping the shop owner was trying to sell her a micro bikini but she was trying to explain that her nipples are large and the bikini would not cover her completely. after failing to understand her, she pulled down her shirt to show him how big her nipples are. I play dumb all the time in attempts to get cheap thrills!

guy cannot keeps hands off junk during LIve interview thumbnail image
guy cannot keeps hands off junk during LIve interview have you ever been nervous when doing public speaking, or before an important business meeting presentation? This soccer player was really nervous about doing a live TV interview and did a wonderful job of showing us what you should NEVER do with your hands if you are nervous.

kid begs cheerleader for a kiss thumbnail image
kid begs cheerleader for a kiss you go little man! this little kid wanted a kiss from a pretty cheerleader at a basketball game. All the dads in the stands were thinking the same thing as this kid, but he is the only one who could get a way with this. It is a bit sad when a 6 year old kid has more game than I do!

how not to train your dog thumbnail image
how not to train your dog what a total douche! this mother fucker in Malaysia is trying to train his girlfriends dog how to do a stupid STAND IN THE CORNER trick. To get the dog to obey, he pretty much beats the shit out of it. I found the girls facebook profile, and the dog looks happy, but I hope the little dude runs for it first chance he gets!

teens smear stuff on door handle of Audi R8 thumbnail image
teens smear stuff on door handle of Audi R8 these kids will likely never be able to afford a $150K Audi R8, and apparently envy those who can. The silently share their jealousy of this guys success by smearing a brown substance under the handle on the door of the Audi sports car. I hope that was a baby ruth bar, and not something less tasty!

naked chicks car surfing on highway thumbnail image
naked chicks car surfing on highway WTF - these bitches be crazy! I understand why fat chicks do stupid things and put their lives in danger while seeking approval from peers, but these girls look pretty hot. The video quality is sketchy because they are going about 50MPH on the hood of a car in the dark. crazy man... crazy! there is a moving violation & Ford ExplorHER joke in there somewhere!

she catches cum like a happy dolphin thumbnail image
she catches cum like a happy dolphin just like a dolphin begs for fish at Sea World, this chick smiles big, opens wide and works hard to catch some long distance flying cum. This chick is a keeper!

instant karma for attempted blindside thumbnail image
instant karma for attempted blindside the fine folks from Russia deliver yet another entertaining fail video. this kid was trying to put an impression of the sole of his Nike Air Max shoes in the back of a friends head. He should have gone with some Reebok Zigtech shoes - they have more lift. with those he would not have come up 2 inches short and whiffed!

cum H8er gonna H8 thumbnail image
cum H8er gonna H8 Another round of some jizz-intolerant whores getting pwn3d by the substance they loathe most, resulting in all sorts of fucked up, boner-inducing reactions. Chick in the first clip is Katie Thomas and the teary-eyed blonde that looks like she just got butt fucked by Gollum is Elle.

fender bender debate - who is at fault? thumbnail image
fender bender debate - who is at fault? please leave a comment about this this multi-vehicle highway collision fault assignment which is up for great debate. Take note: guy on right side of road waving arms to slow cars. Take note of dog on left shoulder. Front car slows rapidly, rear car collides with middle car. Whose insurance policy will pick up the tab for this tangle of cars?

flaming propane tank - guitar hero thumbnail image
flaming propane tank - guitar hero best use of a 25 gallon commercial grade propane tank ever! set to the sounds of ACDC, this propane tank is electronically engineered and infused with compressed air to set off a light show display - Guitar Hero style. I am going to try this with by BBQ propane tank, wish me luck!

gymnast double backflip fail thumbnail image
gymnast double backflip fail hey buddy, leave the gymnastics double flip handspring vault flips in the gym to the girls - you no good at it. I love how the spotter stands there and watches this guy FAIL at a double flip - landing square on his neck & head. If I were the tumbler... after I regained consciousness, I would demonstrate my flying drop kick to the cranium move.

nude amateur handstand on web cam thumbnail image
nude amateur handstand on web cam sexy amateur chick has some fun with her new web cam. she looks like a lot of fun and I bet she is hell fire in the sack. bend that chick backwards and go to town on that entertainment center.

dancer gets head dinger on Live TV dance show thumbnail image
dancer gets head dinger on Live TV dance show LOL... this is a clip from Paula Abdul's new reality TV dance show - Live To Dance. this dancing contestant lost her footing and planted her head into the dance floor while on Live TV. She played it off like nothing happened, but within moments a lump the size of a golf ball appeared.

Harley Davidson moving truck ramp FAIL thumbnail image
Harley Davidson moving truck ramp FAIL Looks like this guy is moving out of the suburbs and left all of his old neighbors with a fantastic final memory of how dumb he was. As friend gather with fists full of cold ones, they offer no assistance and gasp when the inevitable happens and the motorcycle depreciates dramatically in value. I wonder if his Harley insurance covers acts of idiocy?

surprise - you just got cum blasted in the face thumbnail image
surprise - you just got cum blasted in the face this chick LOL's when she gets blasted in the face with cum in this long distance cumshot. I like this chick... she is a keeper!

WTF - she got some issues thumbnail image
WTF - she got some issues Behind-the-scenes footage from FUCK A FAN, where a cameraman literally pukes himself after catching a whiff of some stank ass pussy. Ultimate humiliation after the culprit is handed a DIY douche kit and directed to the bathroom.

the ill fated porn scene thumbnail image
the ill fated porn scene this is the titanic of porn fails. homeboy has a tiny cock, he can't get it up... the hottie has a head cold and case of the sneezes, and to top it off there is a cum fail and an apology at the end.

awesome huge tits naked hula hoop thumbnail image
awesome huge tits naked hula hoop yes... I LIKE! chick with huge tits, shakes her fun bags while gyrating to keep the hula hoop going. we men are simple - serve us beer, do tricks with your tits, and don't stand in front of the TV while the game is on!

facial freak out thumbnail image
facial freak out this chick looks genuinely distraught over getting cum in her face. then she gets even more upset after getting cum all over her sweater - but she was the one who wiped it off of her face with the sweater. CHICKS... I just don\'t understand them sometimes!

psycho open fires on school board members thumbnail image
psycho open fires on school board members I think he was pissed off because the football coach wouldn't allow his son to play quarterback on the HS team. After 8 years as QB / RB in the daddy-ball league he coached, he didn't understand why his son was a bench warmer. Oddly, he is a terrible shot and didn't land a single bullet - except for the one he put into his own head for the kill shot.

this insane guy represents all of Canada thumbnail image
this insane guy represents all of Canada this insane man is taking a stand, and represents everything you ever needed to know about Canada. After the shopping mall quickly closed their doors when they saw him coming, he took a stand. A man has a right to shop, and spend his hard earned Canadian money - even totally crazy Canadians!

5 gallon propane tank used for target practice thumbnail image
5 gallon propane tank used for target practice these guys thought they would be safe in a canoe across a pond before using a flaming propane gas tank as target practice. I don't think anyone expected the compressed fuel to react the way it did when they scored a direct hit.

exclusive cell phone video of Prince Charles car vs protesters thumbnail image
exclusive cell phone video of Prince Charles car vs protesters not very exciting, but this story about Prince Charles and Camilla getting tangled up with a mob of protesters is all over the news. The video was filmed on an iPhone 3, so the quality is rather poor. Looks like the whole situation is much ado about nothing. I think they were tossing tea and crumpets on the car... not rocks and paint!

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SKINNY chick with A-cup TITTIES and a Spanish accent goes for a shower

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plane CRASH near Bagram, Afghanistan

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Girl turns her lemonade stand into BLOWJOB stand

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