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shocking naked pizza delivery thumbnail image
shocking naked pizza delivery would it be rude to puke on a customers doorstep when they expose their fat gunt and saggy tits when you show up to the door to deliver some greasy food? Not all naked chicks are a treat... some are just scary as hell!

shocking pussy tricks thumbnail image
shocking pussy tricks oh dear god, WHY? WTF is wrong with some people? this chick is in some sort of training that involves destroying her pussy. Maybe it is a drug mule in training, or she is warming for an alien invasion of her genitals. Either way, that pussy done got busted up!

WARNING - SHOCKING - River Puppies thumbnail image
WARNING - SHOCKING - River Puppies This is just so fucked up, and we are not posting this for LOL entertainment value. Honestly, hopefully someone will recognize this chick and help direct the police in her direction. She threw a bunch of puppies in a river & I hope she gets what is due in return.

LOL at attempt to organize black chicks fighting thumbnail image
LOL at attempt to organize black chicks fighting Hey bro... just stand back and enjoy the show, these bitches ain\'t gonna organize. Shocking to see that almost all these chicks are under 200 lbs, and not one single weave got airborne!

holly sampson - Tiger Woods banged this porn star thumbnail image
holly sampson - Tiger Woods banged this porn star might have been when he and his wife were dating and not married yet, but damn... this guy could have banged anyone on the planet (and pretty much did), but why so many low budget porn stars and cocktail waitresses? it is shocking that Tiger didn't get his balls busted a whole hell of a lot sooner!

black kid scared by content on computer thumbnail image
black kid scared by content on computer funny expression to shocking content on the computer.

OMG, guy cut in half. thumbnail image
OMG, guy cut in half. Guy cut in half, shocking.

Elbow Deep SHOCKING thumbnail image
Elbow Deep SHOCKING This guy is elbow deep...wrecked colon....he\'ll never shit again

Video Captures Woman Dying At A Hospital thumbnail image
Video Captures Woman Dying At A Hospital A shocking video shows a woman dying on the floor in the psych ward at Kings County Hospital, while people around her, including a security guard, did nothing to help.

OMG - Shocking - OMG thumbnail image
OMG - Shocking - OMG OMG - Shocking - OMG

HIW\'s Greatest Hits Volume 2 Volume 2 of HIW\'s Greatest Hits...WAY MORE SHOCKING THAN VOLUME 1!!!

Backyard Wrestling thumbnail image
Backyard Wrestling hiw's backyard wrestling greatest hits and slams. REAL SHOCKING!!!!! UNCENSORED!!!!!

Electricity Play Alex thumbnail image
Electricity Play Alex Alex is a pierced tattooed punk rock girl. She is visiting Dr. Sparky to get in touch with her Inner Freak. The demented Dr. Sparky is more than happy to introduce her to his tools of the trade. Dr. Sparky even performs a special trick popping a surprise out of Alex\'s shaved pussy. Watch as Dr. Sparky takes Alex through her paces pumping her tits, shocking her piercings, then fucking her to finish off.

Electricity Play Zoe thumbnail image
Electricity Play Zoe Zoe is a freaky goth chick that likes to play doctor. Dr. Sparky has some shocking surprises in store for her though. Dr. Sparky hooks up Zoe's toes to his antique military field phone. When Dr. Sparky gets a call it shocks Zoe so hard, she shoots a vibrator right out of her pussy! After Dr. Sparky makes his way through his tools of torment, he pounds Zoe's bald pussy and gives her a big mouthful of hot cum.

WTF - Shocking Carnal Revenge thumbnail image
WTF - Shocking Carnal Revenge Not sure what is going on here, but I'm glad I wasn't invited to the party!

Ol Skoo Pimp thumbnail image
Ol Skoo Pimp Pretty shocking video, I\'m not sure what to say other than make sure you watch the entire video

Milking A Horse (Shocking / Warning) thumbnail image
Milking A Horse (Shocking / Warning) Taking the phrase \"horse lover\" to a new level - she drinks from a fire hose.

Shocking Hottied (with tazer) thumbnail image
Shocking Hottied (with tazer) video of some girls in bikinis being zapped with a tazer gun.

BME Pain Olympics - Final Round thumbnail image
BME Pain Olympics - Final Round Warning... shocking content. For those of you who think you've seen it all... behold some seriously fucked up shit!

Nasty Arm Cleaning thumbnail image
Nasty Arm Cleaning F'd up video of a guy having his arm infection (or cyst) cleaned out. Gotta love the gloveless hand of the nurse as she digs into his arm. Shocking to see that he is wide-awake for the procedure!

Hooked Snapper (NSFW - shocking) thumbnail image
Hooked Snapper (NSFW - shocking) Why... why... why... why... WTF!!!!

this is one of the 'shocking things' you've grown to love and hate about the Internet. You've been warned, now enjoy the clip because you know you can't 'not look' you spineless fucks!

Japanese Indoor Plumbing WARNING - EXTREME CONTENT thumbnail image
Japanese Indoor Plumbing WARNING - EXTREME CONTENT I never wondered how tub girl spends her time 'outside of the tub' - but now I know anyway.

We'll call this one 'Japanese Indoor Plumbing' --- WARNING... very nasty / shocking content - we're not shittin you - click at your own risk!

Shocking Body Modification thumbnail image
Shocking Body Modification Some call it body modification, I call it mutilation!

WARNING... THIS IS A VERY DISTURBING VIDEO. This is one of those things you can not 'un-watch' - view at your own risk!

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Brazilian girls are crazy bitchez who will fuck you up WTF

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OMG WTF 3 black guys kidnap cute chick and then fuck her shit up SHOCKING WARNING

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WTF cop gets shoved in front of oncoming train

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this chick does not like sex but she is getting it shoved in her anyway

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Amazing SHOCKING sad series of photos of guy jumping off building SUICIDE

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shocking pussy tricks

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WTF crazy bitch beats her infant with a pillow SHOCKING

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WTF - Shocking Carnal Revenge

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