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Power Drill DIY dildo fucking machine thumbnail image
Power Drill DIY dildo fucking machine Ok... this looks pretty fucking dangerous. This sexy MILF Camgirl enjoys thrashing the hell out of her pussy with a dildo attached to a power drill. That pussy got busted up, but she got her orgasm on. Party on honey!

F-ing Machine makes camgirl shit herself LOL thumbnail image
F-ing Machine makes camgirl shit herself LOL Yep... shit happens! Sexy camgirl was getting that ass blasted by Ye Olde fucking machine when some shit happened. LOL when she GTFO and squirted some sauce all over her sexy kneesocks. note: Show Us Your Doodie by FireSideWranglers from Oz.

Casino security catches SLUT-machine blowjob thumbnail image
Casino security catches SLUT-machine blowjob Jackpot! talk about inserting some tokens in that slut machine! Remember people... security cameras are EVERYWHERE in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas never stays in Vegas!

WTF horrible parenting FAIL at laundromat thumbnail image
WTF horrible parenting FAIL at laundromat OMG... I know homeboy was just messing around with his kid, but the damn machine started and would not open. Mom and dad go into panic mode while the kid gets tumbled. Horrible parenting FAIL. I hope the kid is ok!

Nude Performance Art FAIL thumbnail image
Nude Performance Art FAIL first date Nude Performance Art FAIL. how is this for awkward... in her online profile, she said she was into art and theater and loved live performances. LOL when the chick is mortified by the machine gun penis performance.

teenage sons prank mom with fake house fire thumbnail image
teenage sons prank mom with fake house fire oh man... this is one of the best set-ups ever for a practical joke. These two sons will be doing some major extra chores after scaring the daylights out of their mother with this fake fire. With some clever use of a fog machine, strobe light & red spot light, they sent mom screaming out of the house. funny that her first thought was about the dog... not the family inside... hmmmmm.

hot teen broke the fucking machine thumbnail image
hot teen broke the fucking machine damn, this chicks pussy was too much for the fucking machine to handle. She was double stuffed by the fucking machine and when she exploded into orgasm, the machine threw a rod and practically caught on fire. If this chick could destroy a machine with her pussy, imagine what she would do to your cock!

turkey plucking machine thumbnail image
turkey plucking machine huh... this might be hard for some to watch, but it is an interesting look at modern methods for plucking a turkey (in this case a chicken). I know that my food sometimes goes through strange preparation processes - and as always I just like to see it when it lands on my dinner plate.

dude gets ponytail tangled in weightlifting machine thumbnail image
dude gets ponytail tangled in weightlifting machine LOL... is this guy for real? as if the greasy ponytail on this overweight NY tough-guy wannabee wasn't bad enough... look at the 80's era tiger tapestry hanging in his weight room in his apartment. It smells like a staged video, but he really does seem to get his hair knotted up pretty good in his weight lifting machine.

Efukt: Condom Fail - quick... throw her down a flight of stairs thumbnail image
Efukt: Condom Fail - quick... throw her down a flight of stairs That's what happens when you buy contraceptives out of vending machines. I've been there / done this - just get her drunk and push her down some stairs if you need a quickie abortion. At least she was hot - it would be worse if he knocked up a skanky fat mouth-breathing beast.

Tiger woods huge fart at 2009 Buick Open PGA Golf thumbnail image
Tiger woods huge fart at 2009 Buick Open PGA Golf Tiger Woods was waiting in the fairway of the 18th hole of the 2009 Buick Open - on his way to victory when the PGA tour cameras and microphone picked up the sound of a huge fart from the fairway. It was a rare moment when Tiger and his caddie Steve actually acknowledged the spectators in the gallery and laughed at the practical joke from a fart machine.

Terminator robot is a fucking machine for hottie thumbnail image
Terminator robot is a fucking machine for hottie this hot bitch does a solo fuck scene with a giant sex bot equipped with all kinds of dildos and sex toys. good thing she didn't try the saw blade dildo - with the saw still attached!

Prolapse machine rips her ass apart and turns her inside out thumbnail image
Prolapse machine rips her ass apart and turns her inside out Holy prolapse... this chick gets her ass turned inside out by a giant vacuum tube. the dude tries to shove it back inside, but gives up in the end.

Ba Ba Booey from stern show shot in face with squirt cum thumbnail image
Ba Ba Booey from stern show shot in face with squirt cum Ha Ha - Gary Dell'Abate - AKA Ba Ba Booey got sprayed in the face when a chick in the studio squirted from a fucking machine. Off air, he was really pissed off and rushed out to get an HIV test.

Drink Machine Sprays Old Lady thumbnail image
Drink Machine Sprays Old Lady A drink machine super-soaks a woman, then she takes a digger on the wet floor. The employee of the month watching the whole thing does nothing to help.

Milked And Masturbated thumbnail image
Milked And Masturbated Milking machine is hooked to a masturbating slut.

Machine Fucked thumbnail image
Machine Fucked Chick gets fucked by a machine and loves it.

dungeon fucking machine thumbnail image
dungeon fucking machine dungeon fucking machine

ATM Flasher thumbnail image
ATM Flasher hot chick shows her ass and tits while at the ATM machine.

Jiggaboo - ATM Assault & Robbery thumbnail image
Jiggaboo - ATM Assault & Robbery Jiggaboo Attacks & Steals Cash From Man At ATM Machine

Girl Attacks Parking Machine thumbnail image
Girl Attacks Parking Machine Chick goes nuts when a parking meter rips her off.

Vending Machine Drop-Kick thumbnail image
Vending Machine Drop-Kick a vending machine took a kids money then bogarted the chips. the vending machine got the smack-down for displaying such greed.

Altered States 1980s thumbnail image
Altered States 1980s This poor guy I knew Wayne the Church was going to hook him up to a machine beacuse Lucifer

Human semen machine goes off! thumbnail image
Human semen machine goes off! Real or fake? I want whatever this guy\'s taking to fire off these missles.

Machine gun fucking thumbnail image
Machine gun fucking Shooting dildos machine gun fucking girl

Squirting Olympics thumbnail image
Squirting Olympics Women use machines to have a squirting competition.

Bucket Baseball thumbnail image
Bucket Baseball Funny clip of some dude taking baseballs to the head from a pitching machine. Maybe this will knock some sense into him.

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Now that is my kind of slot machine

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Blasting your pussy with a power drill - Next Level MILF busted vagina achieved WTF

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I always prefer to piss in the ice machine

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source: uselessjunk

Pump action bubble machine

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camgirl stuffing both holes with gaint dildos

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source: xhamster

monkey buys grape soda from vending machine LOL why did he have to pick grape

video format   22 comments  25472 views
source: youtube

TEEN cannot say NO when bound gagged and fucked by a machine

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source: pornhub

The Fucking Machine made this sexy CAMGIRL shit herself and run out the room LOL

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source: uselessjunk

Looks a bit young to destroy her pussy with GIANT Dildos like that

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source: xhamster

LOL 2 Girls 1 Cup espresso machine WTF

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source: static

AWESOME she is deep throat QUEEN NO GAG Reflex fucking machine suck

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Epic washing machine Drum Corps drum solo

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source: youtube

fucking machine causes massive squirt

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ass workout machine

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