passed out with cock down throat porn FAIL thumbnail image
passed out with cock down throat porn FAIL she seemed like such a nice girl, but she got throat fucked so hard and so deep that poor girl passed out. A few slaps seemed to help bring her back to planet earth. She should tap-out next time!

Interracial premature ejaculation porn FAIL thumbnail image
Interracial premature ejaculation porn FAIL LOL, bitch was so damn hot that you cannot really blame the black dude for tossing his sauce after a whopping 41 seconds of dark meat injection. She handled it well, and laughed her ass off at his sad attempt to handle some tight sexy white pussy.

lesbian anal acrobats thumbnail image
lesbian anal acrobats WTF... I am no doctor, but this cannot possibly be safe! These crazy bitches did a dildo train and jammed about 2 feet worth of dildos up this chicks ass. I suppose worst-case, her friend could fist her ass elbow deep and fish out lost objects if they failed to resurface. crazy.

Pass Out Game Porn thumbnail image
Pass Out Game Porn This was no joke... Ashley Blue got throat choked until she passed out during the filming of this porn video. If you try this at home with your naked girlfriend, please roll some video and share it with! Search the site for PORN FAIL if you want to see more of Ashley Blue.

wrong hole pounded - anal virginity acquired thumbnail image
wrong hole pounded - anal virginity acquired Ooops... my bad, did my cock just make an unwanted appearance in your asshole? Homeboy was pounding away on this chicks pussy when he accidentally jammed it into the backdoor - a very much unwanted surprise for the chick. The anal surprise porn FAIL show stopper!

wrong hole anal sex surprise porn FAIL thumbnail image
wrong hole anal sex surprise porn FAIL LOL... this Brazilian porn hottie just got some unwanted surprise anal when the cock went off script and improvised some anal into the scene. Homeboy got a solid 4 inches into her ass before she could bail. Take note of the slap... she was not amused!

BMX FAIL - OMG Need Hospital LOL thumbnail image
BMX FAIL - OMG Need Hospital LOL OMG... Need Hospital... Need Hospital... LOL! I love how his friends made a get well cake in the likeness of the scene of the FAIL - so he can relive the event, eat the event, see the video of the event. This is what friends are for!

drunk girl passed out facial thumbnail image
drunk girl passed out facial never a good idea to film a porn video on New Years Eve with a binge drinking slut with daddy issues. This girl is so drunk that she passed out just before the money shot. She got her facial anyway - and without a doubt, she will not remember this one! File under PORN FAIL - PORN BLOOPER

2011 Porn FAIL Compilation thumbnail image
2011 Porn FAIL Compilation Ok... I need to get off my lazy ass and do a proper 2011 UJ Network porn fail compilation. This was sent to me by a viewer. 1 - not all of these are from 2011. 2 - about 40% of them came from Efukt. 3 - not all are porn fail. It is still some funny stuff, so here you go. enjoy!

donkey punch porn FAIL thumbnail image
donkey punch porn FAIL LOL... you can see the actress getting progressively closer to her breaking point - unfortunately, she erupted into rage right in the middle of the money shot and fucked up the whole thing. Video was about 45 min long... I chopped it down to a few highlights. enjoy!

Porn Virgin Facial FAIL thumbnail image
Porn Virgin Facial FAIL Her first porn - her first porn facial... total disaster! Honey, porn might not be your thing, or maybe you just need A LOT MORE PRACTICE. anyway, thanks for trying, thanks for the laughs!

Ass To Mouth porn FAIL thumbnail image
Ass To Mouth porn FAIL Noob to porn thought the ATM fine print in her contract had something to do with getting paid. What was she expecting this dick to taste like after having it tickle a turd turtle in her ass right before going in her mouth. Seems like a nice girl though... better luck next time!

porn FAIL not even a minute man thumbnail image
porn FAIL not even a minute man 7 inch cock? Check. Syphilis free? Probably. Can make a girl cum? Not a fucking chance. Have yourself a hearty LOL as Jose's porn dreams go down the shitter faster than an unwanted pregnancy on prom night.

porn FAIL phone ringing on set thumbnail image
porn FAIL phone ringing on set is that a Tetris ringtone? this porn chick is having all kinds of fun on the porn set dancing to ringtones and sucking some dick. not STFU and get back to work honey, I got some STDs to share!

top 10 all time best porn FAIL thumbnail image
top 10 all time best porn FAIL Compilation of the best porn FAIL videos on the web. not sure I agree with all of them, but some really funny stuff. The Santa one is new to me. If anyone has a link to this video, send it to me please!

retro porn premature ejaculation thumbnail image
retro porn premature ejaculation gotta love porn from the 70s. Awesome LOL voice overs, chicks with real tits, and plenty of bad acting and PORN FAIL. Like me, this dude cannot hold is sauce for more than 30 seconds while getting some attention from two bitches at the same time.

rump shakin parenting fail thumbnail image
rump shakin parenting fail Go mommy Go! Mommy was doing an rump shakin booty dance in the family room after Thanksgiving dinner. Little dude cheered her on and slapped her ass. Pretty sure this was her warm-up routine for the black Friday stampede at the local Walmart.

Tori Spelling husband accidentally tweets her boobs on twitter thumbnail image
Tori Spelling husband accidentally tweets her boobs on twitter DOH! Tori Spellings husband meant to post a photo of their son, but failed to realize that Tori Spelling was topless in the background with her tits hanging out. Sucks to be him right now... she must be soooooo pissed!

Naked playmate vodka chug party FAIL thumbnail image
Naked playmate vodka chug party FAIL WE HAVE A SPITTER! These girls know how to party! Naked chicks, loud music, tons of drinking... and plenty of FAIL!

nasty black stripper FAIL thumbnail image
nasty black stripper FAIL Damn baby, you got some nasty white stuff in your pussy! Even the brothers in the ghetto were grossed out by this chicks nappy pussy! GTFO!

drunk wife anal FAIL thumbnail image
drunk wife anal FAIL DENIED ACCESS!!!! Homeboy went for the cornhole after his wife was primed with a few margaritas, but she still managed to tell him to GTFO! Looks like another night with some lotion and the right hand.

jack shack happy ending premature ejaculation FAIL thumbnail image
jack shack happy ending premature ejaculation FAIL LOL... after she humiliated this douche for having the smallest cock she has ever seen at the jack shack, he proceeded to shoot his goo before she even touched his dick! best part, he did not even get a massage or handjob, and she told him to GTFO and pay now. YOU PAY NOW!

awkward first time facial FAIL thumbnail image
awkward first time facial FAIL LOL... if you talk your girl into her first facial cumshot and she agrees to let you film it, then you sir are my hero! This chick looks like the nerdy but hot girl next door who has an awesome wild side. She failed miserably with this cumshot, but I still give her some high marks for a fun attitude.

Lunchables Ghetto Marketing FAIL thumbnail image
Lunchables Ghetto Marketing FAIL (heads up... vid has some strong language yo) Lunchablez learned that it is not easy trying to appeal to an urban demographic by selling CRACKERS in the ghetto!

amateur first time blowjob FAIL thumbnail image
amateur first time blowjob FAIL LOL, she tried so hard to keep that load in her mouth, but her gag reflex had some other plans in mind. A bit of a reversal, a hint of humiliation, and some contained laughter from her boyfriend abound. My advice... get her drunk and drop a second smaller load in her mouth as a confidence builder!

900ft wingsuit FAIL at Bridge Day in WV thumbnail image
900ft wingsuit FAIL at Bridge Day in WV Ok.. chalk this one up as something that will not be added to my bucket list. Jumping off a bridge in a homemade wingsuit made out of some old curtains is a bad idea. Dude actually survived with a pelvic fracture, punctured lungs, and a host of other injuries. Oh... and he was embarrassed too!

Nude Performance Art FAIL thumbnail image
Nude Performance Art FAIL first date Nude Performance Art FAIL. how is this for awkward... in her online profile, she said she was into art and theater and loved live performances. LOL when the chick is mortified by the machine gun penis performance.

spectacular stage dive FAIL thumbnail image
spectacular stage dive FAIL LOL... watch the crowd move out of the way when this guy goes for a full-on head first stage dive into the crowd. Aside from the awesome stage dive FAIL, take note of the HUGE ROCKIN party at this private home... party on my friends!

hot drunk chicks opportunity FAIL thumbnail image
hot drunk chicks opportunity FAIL What a total retard this dude is! he will look back on this day and regret the opportunity FAIL.

Ooops - sloppy ass anal sex FAIL thumbnail image
Ooops - sloppy ass anal sex FAIL Just hang in there till the end - it has a funny ending, I promise... sort of. If you take a deep breath, you can almost smell this video through your computer screen. WTF is wrong with some people? I am glad to see that at least one person in this video was repulsed by this shit.

Pass out game becomes KTFO game thumbnail image
Pass out game becomes KTFO game Updated: I thought they were doing some sort of acting / dancing move, but now I realize these girls were playing the pass out game. Goes like this... bend over / hyperventilate / pass out / friend catches you. These girls forgot the buddy system - catch your friend part. FAIL

Parenting FAIL - kid walks in on mom and dad fucking thumbnail image
Parenting FAIL - kid walks in on mom and dad fucking Looks like Juniors nap time is over! Hey bro, locks on doors work really well, might want to try that next time. I would love to here the excuses. Uh... Uh... mommy had an itch on her back and I was just scratching it. LOL

Mother of the year FAIL award goes to... thumbnail image
Mother of the year FAIL award goes to... uggghhhhh... how is this for setting a bad example. Mom holds the beer bong while junior chugs some juice boxes at a Miami U tailgate party. It is quite possible that I am just out of the loop and Juice Box Bongs have replaced the Pinata at kids parties... or NOT!

is this a FAIL or WIN? thumbnail image
is this a FAIL or WIN? the chick is hot, so she is hittable, but I am not sure about the baggage that will come with this conquest.

LOL Michael Jackson Dorm Room FAIL thumbnail image
LOL Michael Jackson Dorm Room FAIL homeboy has some sweet moves, but is no substitute for the king of pop. Hee-Hee... Hoo-Hoo... Ahhhhhhhhhh!

The Babysitter FAIL thumbnail image
The Babysitter FAIL baby, you so fine... wait, WTF is that lurking in the background? LOL FAIL

hang gliding is so aweso... blaaarrrfffff! thumbnail image
hang gliding is so aweso... blaaarrrfffff! LOL... nice tandem hang glider FAIL! This must be some sort of nightmare of a fathers day gift for this guy... he is pretending to enjoy the experience, however, the projectile vomiting is a bit more of an indication about his level of enjoyment.

and now... The Ultimate Trick - FAIL thumbnail image
and now... The Ultimate Trick - FAIL Oh... mom is gonna be so pissed when she sees the mess these two idiots made! The ultimate trick ends up being the ultimate FAIL. Wait for it... Wait for it...

Stephen Hawking sex in chair Porn FAIL thumbnail image
Stephen Hawking sex in chair Porn FAIL I am just making this shit up because I have no idea what this clip is about. It looks like some retard gimp - Stephen Hawking role play sex thing going on. They push the gimps rocking sex chair to the breaking point and yield a nice little porn fail - blooper clip.

Today Show in Australia delivers awkward Live TV FAIL thumbnail image
Today Show in Australia delivers awkward Live TV FAIL The fine folks down under in Sydney Australia know how to do live TV news FAIL too! Peeking duck anyone?

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the ANAL surprise SHOW STOPPER porn fail LOL

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ha ha failed attempt at groping the boobs at mardi gras

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Spring Break DRUNK Booty Poppin bikini contest Face Plant FAIL lol WTF was she thinking

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Mexican girl complete PORN FAIL

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camgirl ANAL FAIL - them tokens cannot buy you dignity

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best ANAL fail compilation - accidental sodomy

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Threesome FAIL some more epic friendly fire LOL

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PORN NOOB cumshot fail LOL

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WHERE DID HIS WINGMAN GO - there should be consequences for wingman fail!

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Ooops FACEBOOK fail Kayla uploaded blowjob photo by mistake

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Uh Oh chowing on a BLACK Dick goes into PORN FAIL mode for this chick

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funny Lesbian Bukkake PORN FAIL

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LOL flying cat FAIL

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handjob lesson turns into PREMATURE CUMSHOT FAIL

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Redneck WTF classless parenting FAIL

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WTF ghetto parenting fail ALL ABOUT DA MONEY

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compilaton of DRUNK FAIL awesome

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WTF parenting FAIL vacation photo

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girl laughs at guys tiny dick PORN FAIL lol

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Cute Teen Bikini Model with nice TITS gets some photoshoot FAIL on the beach

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romantic motorcycle FAIL

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DO be THAT GIRL - party FAIL to avoid but makes you popular

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Porn-Gone-Bad FRIENDLY FIRE Porn Fail blooper LOL

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Compilation of Blacks in porn Bloopers and Black PORN FAIL

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compilation of loading and unloading motorcycle FAIL

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another Wingman fail at Mardi Gras

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compilation of FAIL in a POOL funny

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Trust FAIL prank

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Drunk college girl in the bathroom FAIL

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source: break

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