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Bachelor party drunk pukes on strippers ass ORIGINAL thumbnail image
Bachelor party drunk pukes on strippers ass ORIGINAL THE ORIGINAL VIDEO this is how you do it... drunk off your ass mixing any kind of alcohol with in arms reach at your bachelor party, and finishing the lapdance by puking all over the naked strippers back and ass.

Drunk public finger bangin BIG RED thumbnail image
Drunk public finger bangin BIG RED damn, that is one hell of a big Ol bitch! the little dude goes a few fingers deep in that sloppy drunk hole and comes up with a red fist of fury. LOL

Look what happened to passed out GF thumbnail image
Look what happened to passed out GF Passed out girlfriend got a surprise visit from a giant dildo when she blacked out drunk. Seemed like she kind of enjoyed the dildo violation.

drunk springbreaker gives blowjob to random dude thumbnail image
drunk springbreaker gives blowjob to random dude Random dude at the Spring Break jam was in the right place at the right time and got himself a blowjob from this drunk college girl. The video got cut short, but I gonna guess there was some finger banging about to go down.

drunk Russian chick Strip-n-Slip thumbnail image
drunk Russian chick Strip-n-Slip Ha... imagine that, a drunk Russian chick getting naked and doing something funny on video! Even if she was sober, I think she was gonna take a digger on that slick dock. Funny.

drunk urination LAX arrest video of Twilight actor thumbnail image
drunk urination LAX arrest video of Twilight actor LOL Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier was totally blasted drunk out of his mind and pissed on the floor of the terminal after being kicked off of a plane at LAX. For those of you who have no idea who he is (like me), he played the role of Jared in the Twilight movie.

Athletic Attention Whore DARE on nude beach thumbnail image
Athletic Attention Whore DARE on nude beach Good times... spring break, and drunk athletic girls willing to do silly things to win approval and acceptance from peers. Too bad the video quality is total crap, but you get the idea.

Drunk passed out girl groped at the club thumbnail image
Drunk passed out girl groped at the club If this is taking place in Russia, we are watching an average Friday night first date. Anywhere else in the world, this might be considered Felony 1 territory.

Drunk naked raver girl arrested at festival thumbnail image
Drunk naked raver girl arrested at festival Boo on security! this was a victimless crime! Happy fun drunk girl was blasted out of her mind and wanted to get out of them restrictive clothes. She was no beauty queen, but dammit, she was about to be totally naked whoring it up for plenty of happy spectators.

TOO DRUNK for porn - LOL no such thing thumbnail image
TOO DRUNK for porn - LOL no such thing you call them too drunk... I say they are READY! Too drunk, LOL... these chicks want to party. They fucked up the TV, so they owe ya now!

a-hole of the year award goes to guy hauling ass thumbnail image
a-hole of the year award goes to guy hauling ass Oh man... makes me want to rage! why would someone drag a donkey behind a moving vehicle? Fine... you are drunk and forgot he was there, but when cars rolling past are screaming to stop, you might want to check it out. I demand equal justice be served!

Drunk stripper falls from pole Breaks neck thumbnail image
Drunk stripper falls from pole Breaks neck poor girl plowed her neck into the floor pretty good. she might be in a wheelchair for life after thatů but if she hurries, gimps get insane tips - especially before her legs wilt to sticks and rot off!

drunk girl pisses like dog into backyard pool thumbnail image
drunk girl pisses like dog into backyard pool her father spends hours each week trying to figure out why the PH Levels in the pool are always fucked up... now the truth comes out. Classy girl seems like she would be fun to party with. Call me - I will bring the beer!

tampon string saves drunk girl from date rape thumbnail image
tampon string saves drunk girl from date rape this girl was about to get some happy fun date rape before her party pals saw the fuse dangling from her pussy. I tried to make out what they were saying... it was English, but apparently some sort of ghetto lingo that was impossible to translate. Nuke the whole room... the world will be a better place!

young and dumb blonde loves black cock thumbnail image
young and dumb blonde loves black cock Bailey is as smart as a box of rocks. She fumbles on her lines, seems totally clueless, but has an awesome tight body, perky tits and likes to fuck. She would be the perfect pump and dump drunk party slut kind of good time girl.

Spring Break 2012 nude drunk beach girls thumbnail image
Spring Break 2012 nude drunk beach girls Behold... a Spring Break nude drunk topless beach babes photo extravaganza! Photos were uploaded by a UJ visitor... much thanks!

Timmy touched her pussy so Timmy got KTFO thumbnail image
Timmy touched her pussy so Timmy got KTFO Timmy learned the hard way that spring break drunk whore stalking comes with risks... lesson 1 - fat losers over 40 have no business on the beach. lesson 2 - before shoving your finger in a random whores pussy, be ready to offer her a free I Am A Whore t-shirt as a peace offering before you get KTFO!

russian police officers troll drunk girl in custody thumbnail image
russian police officers troll drunk girl in custody If she is drunk, she will never remember anything... so have fun and troll this bitch. This rule apparently applies to police officers in Russia too.

drunk girls easily talked into having naked group shower thumbnail image
drunk girls easily talked into having naked group shower I have a sound theory... it is WAY easier to talk a group of girls into acting like whores. Single one girl out and ask her to be a whore in a shower - in exchange for a free T-Shirt... NO WAY WILL IT HAPPEN. Convince one within a drunk group, and all will follow. WORKS EVERY TIME! (mad props to tanline girl... she went the extra mile!)

drunk girl on porn set ruins scene PORN FAIL thumbnail image
drunk girl on porn set ruins scene PORN FAIL drunk girls are awesome if you are hooking up and looking to score, but when you are on a porn set and sex is a sure thing, a totally wasted chick can be a very bad thing. they get a little extra loose when drunk - if you know what I mean!

big black cock TOO MUCH for white drunk girl thumbnail image
big black cock TOO MUCH for white drunk girl ahhhh... make it stop! hurry, and get it over with! Say what you will about having a big dick... nothing wrong about having half the size and double the fun! them big dicks be overrated. Cruel joke on the black man!

naked drunk female hitchhiker - so many options thumbnail image
naked drunk female hitchhiker - so many options drunk naked female hitchhiker is out for a stroll. What would you do if you rolled up on her? See what these dudes did!

Alabama VS LSU Tea Bag Time thumbnail image
Alabama VS LSU Tea Bag Time It's Tea Bag Time! A group of Alabama fans shame a drunk LSU fan who passed out at a Krystal burger joint. Bad enough that your team got spanked in the National Championship game, but to add insult to injury, the fans of the opposing team gave you a nice sweaty ball tea bagging. TeaBag Time! January 2011.

drunk redneck NASCAR infield rape party thumbnail image
drunk redneck NASCAR infield rape party drunk rednecks, fast cars and female naked cousins is a perfect recipe for some race track infield sexual abuse! Obviously an old video as evidenced by the pop-top beer can. Such a shame, her buck teeth looked like awesome bottle openers - way ahead of their time!

drunk naked passed out couple in park with pack of dogs thumbnail image
drunk naked passed out couple in park with pack of dogs WTF, Looks like these two had one hell of a drinking and sex binge on New Years Eve! They almost look dead, and the dogs look pretty tired and hung over too. Must have been one hell of a party!

drunk girl passed out facial thumbnail image
drunk girl passed out facial never a good idea to film a porn video on New Years Eve with a binge drinking slut with daddy issues. This girl is so drunk that she passed out just before the money shot. She got her facial anyway - and without a doubt, she will not remember this one! File under PORN FAIL - PORN BLOOPER

russian drunk hottie porn thumbnail image
russian drunk hottie porn no one does DRUNK PORN quite like the Russians. No faking it here... all the bitches are one shot away from being totally blacked out and always on the verge of puking. good times!

drunk homeless surfer thumbnail image
drunk homeless surfer LOL... good thing he had that winter coat on to keep himself warm in that chilly water. In addition to a pair of suspenders, he really needs his own reality TV show... I could watch this drunk homeless surfer dude all day long! (I hope he got his hat back!)

baby bird cumshot slip-n-slide thumbnail image
baby bird cumshot slip-n-slide could you imagine how awesome life would be if real girls did stuff like this at parties... just for the hell of it... just because they are drunk - not because they are getting paid to do crazy shit! I was torn between calling this a baby bird cumshot, or a cumshot slip-n-slide - so I mashed them in the title. enjoy!

drunk girl masturbating in bushes goes into rage mode thumbnail image
drunk girl masturbating in bushes goes into rage mode I get it, sometimes you just need to rub one out... but this chick takes it to a whole new level. Seemingly unaware of the world around her, she thrashes on her pussy and then springs into beast mode when she realizes someone is filming her. Gonna either rape these dudes for sex, or kill them - hard to tell at this point.

drugged up whore passed out during orgy thumbnail image
drugged up whore passed out during orgy this chick looks so drunk or drugged up that she is in and out of consciousness during this orgy. As long as she does not mumble NO, or STOP, it is game on my friends!

drunk wife anal FAIL thumbnail image
drunk wife anal FAIL DENIED ACCESS!!!! Homeboy went for the cornhole after his wife was primed with a few margaritas, but she still managed to tell him to GTFO! Looks like another night with some lotion and the right hand.

amateur anal sex surprise thumbnail image
amateur anal sex surprise Anal sex and surprise should never appear in the same sentence together! Guess what the anal sex surprise is... go ahead, you have two guesses! I shudder at the thought of being nearly blackout drunk and gaining a moment of horrific clarity for the surprise.

amateur first time blowjob FAIL thumbnail image
amateur first time blowjob FAIL LOL, she tried so hard to keep that load in her mouth, but her gag reflex had some other plans in mind. A bit of a reversal, a hint of humiliation, and some contained laughter from her boyfriend abound. My advice... get her drunk and drop a second smaller load in her mouth as a confidence builder!

jerking off on girls at party sends them running thumbnail image
jerking off on girls at party sends them running chicks are hot, everyone is drunk and having a good time, so it sounded like a good idea, but the reality of jerking off in a room full of girls at a dance party - not such a good idea. The bitches hit the panic button and ran for the door. totally rejected!

hot drunk chicks opportunity FAIL thumbnail image
hot drunk chicks opportunity FAIL What a total retard this dude is! he will look back on this day and regret the opportunity FAIL.

drunk chick pukes on herself during sex thumbnail image
drunk chick pukes on herself during sex the drunk chick puked all over herself while being fucked. No one seemed to mind much so they kept on banging away. I have come to the conclusion that no one in Russia is ever sober while having sex!

passed out at frat house so anything goes thumbnail image
passed out at frat house so anything goes Dear diary, today I learned not to get black out drunk at the frat house unless I want to get all my holes railed by anyone who wants to have a turn. looks like her girlfriends left her drunk and alone at the frat house again.

mom catches drunk teen daughter masturbating on webcam thumbnail image
mom catches drunk teen daughter masturbating on webcam Now this is a bit of an awkward moment between a mother and daughter. her sweet little angel is going to have some explaining to do... masturbating for a dude on the Internet while drunk and naked - with the door unlocked! LOL, SO BUSTED!

awesome drunken boat FAIL thumbnail image
awesome drunken boat FAIL running to jump off the deck of a luxury catamaran boat when you can barely walk is never a good idea. I wish this happened to a chick in a bikini, but we will have to settle for this dude taking the role of sloppy idiot today!

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Drunk hottie pisses in middle of freeway then stumbles around asking why men are filming her CRAZY

video format   0 comments  46070 views
source: break

passed out drunk and naked or just sleeping

photo format   5 comments  53898 views
source: uselessjunk

most artistic drunk passed out college girl sharpie shame ever - Nice Gene Simmons placment

photo format   7 comments  70272 views
source: uselessjunk

this is the story of my life - drunk passed out and missed the good stuff

photo format   141 comments  92243 views
source: uselessjunk

Spring Break time - two drunk chick pissing off the back of a lake boat

photo format   13 comments  63807 views
source: uselessjunk

Instead of stopping a drunk driver - idiot LOLs before recording head-on collision

video format   5 comments  52387 views
source: break

BFF is all smiles when drunk college girlfriend has face in the gutter WINGMAN FAIL

photo format   36 comments  108023 views
source: uselessjunk

Looks like Chelsea Handler got drunk and passed out topless backstage

photo format   11 comments  111701 views
source: uselessjunk

fine balance between fun drunk and date rape

photo format   8 comments  74196 views
source: uselessjunk

Dad teaches naked DRUNK DAUGHTER lesson by pissing on her head WTF

video format   5 comments  153521 views
source: newsfilter

AWESOME PORN FAIL - totally drunk wasted teen pukes on girlfriends pussy LOL

video format   5 comments  142324 views
source: efukt

drunk guy stood a little too close to the oncoming train

video format   5 comments  33690 views
source: theync

First thing I saw after waking up from a black out drunk drinking binge

photo format   17 comments  129043 views
source: uselessjunk

amateur Drunk girl passes out during sex - consented when it started - fair game now

video format   5 comments  199098 views
source: daftporn

what the hell happened to drunk passed out girls tits

photo format   21 comments  97457 views
source: uselessjunk

I wonder if they blame the bull for totally owning this drunk idiot LOL

video format   5 comments  19627 views
source: youtube

Wife needs to get drunk before what is about to happen to her

photo format   15 comments  102409 views
source: uselessjunk

sloppy blonde passed out drunk - I think I would pass on this one

photo format   15 comments  98938 views
source: uselessjunk

Girls shaming DRUNK passed out topless friend

photo format   12 comments  112615 views
source: uselessjunk

Drunk karate master got KTFO by skateboarder LOL

video format   6 comments  23080 views
source: youtube

Drunk spring break girls get finger banged on the beach

video format   7 comments  114227 views
source: xhamster

drunk passed out babe gonna be surprised when she wakes up

photo format   18 comments  144839 views
source: uselessjunk

Charlie Sheen drunk off his ass at Taco Bell LOL

video format   13 comments  27730 views
source: youtube

Hot drunk chick walks into door gets KTFO

video format   5 comments  35482 views
source: break

Beach banging drunk chick with huge cans

photo format   9 comments  82245 views
source: uselessjunk

DRUNK FAIL compilation - funny

video format   9 comments  45743 views
source: youtube

Passed out DRUNK Ukrainian girl - face down ass up - WOULD YOU

video format   5 comments  164524 views
source: theync

she just woke up from being drunk and wondered how she got here

photo format   12 comments  139851 views
source: uselessjunk

welcome to the burbs - drunk rich chicks know how to party

photo format   18 comments  100502 views
source: uselessjunk

two hot drunk chicks whore it up at the 7-11 store

video format   5 comments  84836 views
source: theync

Ha Ha drunk bikini girl totally eats and falls off down a ravine

video format   5 comments  44916 views
source: break

OMG drunk daughter with epic tits gets coached by mom - dad makes webcam cameo

video format   5 comments  266578 views
source: efukt

Passed out drunk girl fingered at the club

video format   5 comments  136694 views
source: daftporn

WTF Stripper gives drunk dude a dildo surprise face dance show

video format   5 comments  65776 views
source: efukt

the Golden Arches - impressive drunk pissing

video format   7 comments  37351 views
source: youtube

WTF crazy drunk chick shoves a Gas Pump into her pussy

video format   8 comments  57680 views
source: newsfilter

dude cums on face of passed out St Patty day DRUNK passed out chick

video format   8 comments  81420 views
source: daftporn

Not a good idea to pass out BLACKOUT DRUNK around these guys LOL

video format   8 comments  127252 views
source: break

SPRING BREAK is coming - time for naked college girls drunk on the beach

photo format   13 comments  90056 views
source: uselessjunk

This is the coolest ANGRY Drunk Poker player ever RESPECT

video format   8 comments  26924 views
source: youtube

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