Dangers of porn - the head butt thumbnail image
Dangers of porn - the head butt Ha... them bitchez were fighting for the cock and head butted each other. Homeboy is lucky he did not end up with some teeth marks on his shaft.

OMG oh DAT ASS Jump Rope babe working it thumbnail image
OMG oh DAT ASS Jump Rope babe working it Wow... that my friends is an A+ ass right there! Her bubble butt barely even jiggles when she jumps. Spectacular view, gorgeous girl, and a whole lot of talent.

uh oh - where did the condom go thumbnail image
uh oh - where did the condom go ooops, the condom is MIA! Been there and done that - also broke a few in my day. Nothing strikes fear more into a man than that brief moment when you realize you may have just planted some seed! Epic tits, but a bit of a butter face on the little tramp.

Amateur dominatrix tries taking it up the butt thumbnail image
Amateur dominatrix tries taking it up the butt this chick is new to the whole Dominatrix thing, but I think she is doing a fine job and forces this dude to shove his cock in her ass. bravo!

Pigtail Lesbians Porn thumbnail image
Pigtail Lesbians Porn Miss Piggy! awesome clip of super hot lesbians playing with a pig tailed anal butt plug. Need more bacon!

you put your chocolate in my peanut butter thumbnail image
you put your chocolate in my peanut butter yes... yes... WE CAN ALL GET ALONG! As long as you serve up your wife to be ass reamed by some big black dude, the balance of the universe will be restored!

squirrel goes hunting in girls pants for Butt Nut thumbnail image
squirrel goes hunting in girls pants for Butt Nut LOL... this squirrel went hunting in the plumbers crack of this girls pants to look for a butt nut. Step aside little fuzzy buddy... I got this one covered for ya!

jerking off on girls at party sends them running thumbnail image
jerking off on girls at party sends them running chicks are hot, everyone is drunk and having a good time, so it sounded like a good idea, but the reality of jerking off in a room full of girls at a dance party - not such a good idea. The bitches hit the panic button and ran for the door. totally rejected!

Captain Poop Patrol - instant karma for bad dog walkers thumbnail image
Captain Poop Patrol - instant karma for bad dog walkers Uh... you might want to think twice about meandering on your merry way after your dog poops in the park. Captain Poop Patrol will pick it up for you, then smear it across your back. Personally I applaud the guy. I hope he figures out a way to deal with cigarette butt tossers too!

Picnic time - bizarre corn on cob insertion thumbnail image
Picnic time - bizarre corn on cob insertion butter my corn up bitch - but hold the extra sauce! This hostess lubed up some corn for a happy fun holiday BBQ and picnic.

Lacrosse cheap shot blindside slash to head thumbnail image
Lacrosse cheap shot blindside slash to head Ok, before you jump on the bandwagon and blame the defender with the long shaft (#15). If you look closely, the midfielder in red (#3), gave him a nice slash in the elbow with the butt-end of his stick. This is a classic cheap-shot move that rarely draws the attention of an official. My take: homeboy got a lesson in karma... YES, a DANGEROUS and unnecessary CHEAP SHOT, but he was due for some payback!

Ibex scratching own butt with giant horn thumbnail image
Ibex scratching own butt with giant horn in case you do not know what an Ibex is... it is some sort of code word for - little goat-like animal with giant horns that can reach own butt. In an awkward way, I think he took this to the next level by starting out with an itch to scratch and graduated to a solo reach-around.

Pamela Anderson sized anal condom thumbnail image
Pamela Anderson sized anal condom Sometimes double wrapping your dick before dipping into a hepatitis infested cum hole just simply is not enough protection. This guy went the extra mile with the butt plug cock wrap. It is big enough to find those hard to hard to reach places - where the shit line starts... as you will see. I can almost smell the ass sex through my computer screen!

I can feel your heartbeat in your butt-hole thumbnail image
I can feel your heartbeat in your butt-hole this is how you ruin a fetish porn scene - by laughing during a lesbian scene about how you can feel a friends heartbeat though her butt-hole. I love these types of porn bloopers / porn fails / porn outtakes, they never get old!

EPIC back flip off of high roof thumbnail image
EPIC back flip off of high roof If you like this video, please press the like button and share the video with some facebook friends! this is the most insane back-flip off of a roof you will ever see. this guy needs to get an agent and sign on with Red Bull before his next jump... because it might be his last jump!

cum H8er gonna H8 thumbnail image
cum H8er gonna H8 Another round of some jizz-intolerant whores getting pwn3d by the substance they loathe most, resulting in all sorts of fucked up, boner-inducing reactions. Chick in the first clip is Katie Thomas and the teary-eyed blonde that looks like she just got butt fucked by Gollum is Elle.

Blame It On The Orgasm thumbnail image
Blame It On The Orgasm She's having anal problems of the fecal variety and it's fucking up the shoot. Her defense? All the butt secks is making her cum and she just cant contain herself. Uh huh. I know where this is going. Plan for tomorrow, buy Depends today.

Anal Bead Fail thumbnail image
Anal Bead Fail Chick shoves a China-made butt plug up her friends brown eye and watches it fall apart faster than Tara Reid's boob job. I guess that's what you get for buying sex toys from Spencer's you dumb dyke.

poor girl... totally rejected by her dogs thumbnail image
poor girl... totally rejected by her dogs initiation into sororities in college are so much more creative and kinky these days. this poor chick - she tried so hard to get that pussy munched by these dogs, but got totally rejected. She slathered some peanut butter to garnish some interest, but they just didn't want to get up in that pussy.

it in the butt - what what in the... thumbnail image
it in the butt - what what in the... HEY FRIENDS! I hope you like this super fantastic song as much as I do. I am a car insurance salesman in the day time, so if you need a good rate with a low deductible on collision, call me - mmmkay honey. But if you love to dance and party the night away with the guys, click the like button & share your love!

lady gaga nip slip in the pool thumbnail image
lady gaga nip slip in the pool Ok... here's a full-on celebrity nip slip. Too bad this will do Lady Gaga no favors in dispelling the rumors of her being a dude. the jury is still out on this one. Butter Face!

one time at the dog park... thumbnail image
one time at the dog park... this is the coolest chick ever! she is trying get attention from her boyfriend, so she came up with the great idea of covering herself in peanut butter before laying down in nothing but some Victoria's Secret underwear on a blanket in the middle of a dog park. LOL at one fo the owners YELLING at his dog to get away from her.

Dildo Causes Internal Damage thumbnail image
Dildo Causes Internal Damage After straddling a butt plug as thick as a tree trunk, this chicks rectum starts oozing out blood like Owen Wilson's wrists after making another shitty movie

Friendly Fire thumbnail image
Friendly Fire Dude gets blasted with man chowder after standing in the line of fire like a dumb shit rookie. Even worse, most of the load landed right in his belly button. Gonna have a real fun time cleaning that one out buddy!

My Older Sister Butt Nekkid thumbnail image
My Older Sister Butt Nekkid She usually only makes that distress call when I read her facebook private messages. Not quite sure what's gotten into her.

woah - how to bring porn scene to abrubt halt thumbnail image
woah - how to bring porn scene to abrubt halt ok... the hot bitch is riding on top, about to get some surprise butt sex from a visitor... what could possibly go wrong?

surprise - you just got butt sex thumbnail image
surprise - you just got butt sex butt sex with a hot chick is sometimes best served by surprise. this guy cut straight through the dinner, movie, and conversation bullshit. Before introducing himself, he just hiked up her skirt and shoved his dick straight into her asshole.

french skier fails after 20 yards thumbnail image
french skier fails after 20 yards LOL - this Olympic french female downhill skier trained for years for this moment in the Vancouver olympics. Marion Rolland from France hit the surrender button and bailed off the track and vaporized any hopes of a medal.

the wife put some butter on the floor tile thumbnail image
the wife put some butter on the floor tile ahhhh... this wife is a wonderful woman with a great sense of humor demonstrating the classic - butter on bathroom floor tile. When you combine wet feet with butter on the travertine bathroom floor tile, hilarity ensues... along with teeth scattering all over the room.

Passenger train vs United Van Lines moving truck thumbnail image
Passenger train vs United Van Lines moving truck hey man... that was my entire house full of useless junk on that United Van Lines long haul moving truck! Train Wins... Train Wins!!!!! Watch this train cut through the truck like butter when the long haul truck driver decided to take a nap while parked across the train tracks.

dog will not eat pusssy - even when covered in peanut butter thumbnail image
dog will not eat pusssy - even when covered in peanut butter seriously... WTF kind of dog turns down pussy covered in peanut butter? this must be a homo dog! I feel bad for this poor girl. She couldn't get a date, so she turned to her dog for some sexy time - and even he rejected her.

Yo No Quiero Butt Fuck thumbnail image
Yo No Quiero Butt Fuck apparently Mexican bitches don't care too much for the anal sex. Ironic coming from the people who bring us e-coli bacteria on our garden greens and fresh fruit.

girlfriend jerks boyfriend off into her tub of popcorn thumbnail image
girlfriend jerks boyfriend off into her tub of popcorn this is my kind of girl... she wanted some real movie theater butter so she jerked her boyfriend off until he shot his load of cum all over her bucket bucket of smart food.

Kaktuz: two bubble butt lesbians test out some cock thumbnail image
Kaktuz: two bubble butt lesbians test out some cock two hot bubble butt chicks take on a lucky bastard and get fucked hard.

Vikings locker room - live TV Over-exposure thumbnail image
Vikings locker room - live TV Over-exposure Rule #1 of live football coverage... never ever under any circumstances go into a locker room with live cameras without your 7 second delay button ready to go! The ball dedicated by the coach was not the only one America got to see. FYI: Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe

homemade porn thumbnail image
homemade porn Amateur mom works her big butt and cums

smoking ass after expelling can from vagina thumbnail image
smoking ass after expelling can from vagina this nasty whore gives birth to a can and then smokes a butt with her asshole.

Mythbusters Kari Byrons backside thumbnail image
Mythbusters Kari Byrons backside I have no idea what kind of myth is being busted, but it involved a plastic mold of Kari Byrons backside. Does this make them Myth Buttsters?

butt surprise thumbnail image
butt surprise Shemale Butt

german whores insert butt plugs at busy train depot thumbnail image
german whores insert butt plugs at busy train depot two sexy german whores hike up their skirts and then insert butt plugs while dozens of people at a busy train depot watch.

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So Yeti Butting - Yeti Butt is now a thing - and I am OK with that

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Diana Melle Petrovic morning shaving

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nice butterfly

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Is that magnesium on her BUTT? Is she a gym workout device?

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butterface has some nice titties

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Lets discuss her body - awesome tits - weird belly button - nice vag gap

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