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Never trust a dude with a tweety-bird tattoo at a gangbang! the Bon Jovi lookin MoFo learned a life lesson about the risks of being on the bottom and harsh reality of man-sauce friendly fire.

not exactly the type of girl you take home to meet the parents, but wow does this girl know how to have a good time. She sees a line of white stuff and springs into action and snorts the line.

Ha... imagine that, a drunk Russian chick getting naked and doing something funny on video! Even if she was sober, I think she was gonna take a digger on that slick dock. Funny.

Ok... so when you idiots realize that stretching your earlobe is a dumb idea, it is time to go visit the doctor to trim the fat and stitch up the stupid life decision. Sometimes, the doctor will let you enjoy a nice earlobe sushi treat after the procedure. Yum!

LOL Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier was totally blasted drunk out of his mind and pissed on the floor of the terminal after being kicked off of a plane at LAX. For those of you who have no idea who he is (like me), he played the role of Jared in the Twilight movie.

When chick covers the room in plastic before getting busy, you know you are in for one hell of a good time. This sexy webcam girl is like ol faithful and gives herself a solo squirt facial. funny.

Oh dear lord, why! WHY!!!! Ok, I consider myself an expert in Internet WTF content, but this one even had me shocked. How and why the hell do people mess their junk up so much that they find themselves in a position where their urethra is being penetrated by another dude? WTF!

Wow... that my friends is an A+ ass right there! Her bubble butt barely even jiggles when she jumps. Spectacular view, gorgeous girl, and a whole lot of talent.

When a first time porn actress cannot get the job done because she keeps gagging uncontrollably, a female photographer is dragged into the scene and forced to demonstrate proper blowjob technique. Sign her up... great attitude and lots of skillz!

Oh... in her school-girl skirt, she was trying so hard to be sexy for her Big Black Boyfriend, but those damn shoes were her downfall. LOL, the stripper shoes vs slick floors = bruised knees and LULZ.

Typically we see fat hags exposing their fun bags on roller coasters. This chick is sexy as hell and gave us a nice goPro vantage point of view for her sexy tits on a roller coaster.

And CUT SCENE! LOL, this amateur homemade Porn actress came out of character and started screaming when she saw a spider. Must have been a huge spider because the guys seemed a bit concerned too. LOL

Poor girl, she is sexy as hell, but being new to the game of Wet T-Shirt Contest, she lost her footing and took a nice digger. LOL

get yourself numb, sit back and trip your balls off watching this trippy porn mash-up.

Win... Win... WIN! this chick is super hot and naked, and likes to party with her hula-hoop. Bit of a throw-back retro video, but always a good one to rewind.

after 20 min of trying to get her man off, this wife got bored and aimed homeboys man cannon straight for his grill. seeing her man take some sauce in the face was the only time she cracked a smile. LOL

damn, this cute chick set herself up for an all out assault of groping when she flashed her titties to a crowd of guys at a concert. poor girl, I think she needs a hug.

Good times... spring break, and drunk athletic girls willing to do silly things to win approval and acceptance from peers. Too bad the video quality is total crap, but you get the idea.

LOL where there is a will... there is a way! Litle Skoobs got that lovin feeling and nothing is going to get between him and his prize... just deal with it!

Yes... yes... practice makes perfect. These girls are loving their bananas. Ladies... This is how you will become a good wife someday!

cute girl just had a bit of an anal leakage moment. she would love to re-wind that tape and edit this moment out, but sorry... this is the Internets. I love her anyway - shit happens!

LOL this dude looks like such a tool when he is getting a blowjob from his girlfriend. If his GF locked eyes with him, I am certain it would be a deal breaker for him because he looks like a total idiot. Or maybe she is simply using teeth... hard to tell.

Good job sisters! when you catch a sorority sister naked in her room, you grab your camera and roll some damn video. She acted like she was embarrassed but started rubbing her pussy because she was so excited. Nice!

Damn... Gianna Gone Wild! she loves getting attention while whoring it up. The bang bus dodged the police by no more than 5 seconds when they jumped in the van right before the pig rolled up on them. Crazy good times.

WTF, this guy just took stupidity to a whole new level. LOL when he gets upset about putting a bullet through his expensive desk. what did he think would happen?

Woah, this is one hell of a horny sexy piece of ass! she has massive titties, blasts her pussy with gusto, and squirts all over her own face. Damn, she so fine!

LOL... Little dude busted himself up while gettin some. he either got KTFO when he fell backwards, or he just up and died while humping on his girlfriend. If it was his time to go, it was a good way to end it all! LOL

Brilliant... making a game out of balls deep throat fucking! Ultimate party game! Is there an app for that? This sexy piece of ass can cram a cock down her throat for over 1 min. Quite impressive party trick!

Ok... this is pretty damn funny! Sarah Silverman demonstrated her Vagina Viewer iPhone Hack when she was on the Conan OBrien show.

Sweet Child O Mine... this poor kid is trying to block out the sounds of mom getting fucked in the next room - by burying himself in his music. He will write his own song about this someday and become a huge star with emotional issues and lots of stories to tell.

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