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gee... a group of Mexicans racing down a steep hill in shopping carts - what could possibly go wrong? Everyone cheering them on is speaking Spanish, so this must mean they are across the border in a Phoenix AZ grocery store parking lot. Please do not worry about them getting hurt - they will receive the finest health care provided by US Taxpayers, OK.

this is an interesting way to get a chicks attention. this jackass in his spandex biker shorts with an erection walks past some girls in a bar - then gets the courage to expose himself in the middle of the restaurant. The chick looks rather amused, and I think this might actually work!

When a student in a classroom does something dumb and disruptive - but only involves himself in the incident, it should be declared time served and instant karma with no after school detention required. No one was hurt & the disruptive kid is embarrassed, and the video is now on the Internet to serve further shame and to entertain millions. class dismissed!

when an arresting officer has his gun drawn on you during a traffic stop - and then begins laughing when you lift up your shirt, it might be a wake up call for the diet to begin. This is like the Biggest Loser of weight loss and COPS TV show all wrapped up in one.

Welcome to the state of Arizona! Back-story: punk is terrorizing her son, so mom calls to him and says 'get it on' if you want to fight my son - do it in my yard. A voice of reason pulls up in his landscaping truck and calls the mom out for being a piece of crap.

Welcome to Panama City Spring Break! since the Burger King was temporarily closed due to an infestation of wild animals, these guys had to take their appetites down the road a few miles. I own a truck, and when I have unwanted garbage in the bed, I drop the hatch and hit the gas... the trash falls out of the back every time! Textbook play right there.

the guys in the car were all kinds of happy as they raced down the highway towards their death. This my friends is why you never pass on the right... especially when you are speeding down a highway partially covered in sand - making it nice and slick for minimal traction. A Mercedes logo on that truck was the last thing they ever saw.

in case you do not know what an Ibex is... it is some sort of code word for - little goat-like animal with giant horns that can reach own butt. In an awkward way, I think he took this to the next level by starting out with an itch to scratch and graduated to a solo reach-around.

hey - lets see what Kesha had for breakfast today. Looks kind of like grits and pancakes. The good thing about low budget ghetto porn - you can hire a whore to get gangbanged, then throw her an extra $25 to clean up the studio after she is done being violated.

Welcome to Las Vegas! There is no way that the two petite friends of the hefty intoxicated girl were going to save her from taking a digger in these high heel shoes. Notice how none of the men waiting with them outside the Marquee Nightclub offered to help. If it were the skinny girls in a bad place, they would have lent a hand. It ain\'t easy being thick!

Happy Spring break, and welcome to Panama City Burger King, can I take your order? Apparently, this burger king did not want to serve it up HER WAY... RIGHT AWAY, so she went insane and fucked that shit up. As if Panama City didn't already have enough problems last year with oil on the beaches... now they have... oh never mind.

From the Dutch version of the Survivor reality TV show, the contestants were in Brazil competing in some sort of Anaconda In A Box reward challenge. They taped a Snickers bar to the head of the snake... if you were able to get the candy out of the box with your arm in one piece, you got to enjoy the sweet reward. There will be no tasty treat for this girl!

wait for it... wait for it. At first I was like... huh, ok, what is going to happen here. I was waiting for the cock to snap in half - it was so predictable. And then I waited some more, and once the cock spin with no dismount was attempted, I was like OH HELL NO!

talk about an unwanted wake up call. this guy takes his pranks to a new level when he rigs up a small water hose with some warm water and releases it onto the face of his sleeping girlfriend. She was not amused to say the least, and I suggest that he sleep with one eye open for the next several weeks!

a great moment on a nude beach got spoiled by an unwanted guest. Everyone was enjoying the naked chicks on the beach, but then someone had to do and fuck everything up!

Ooops, my bad - who ordered the tossed salad? Off camera, someone at the bar moved their stool and tripped the waitress by accident. The reason why a camera was on the table of customers... they were filming the restaurant for a TV show, but the food tray fumble was not supposed to be part of the scene.

WARNING... this is some totally psycho insane extreme bondage. It almost looks more like a murder scene instead of some happy fun bondage. This chick is being whipped so hard that she is bleeding all over her body... shame because she was cute too - but now she will have scars all over her body from this.

Oh man, this is not your Holiday Inn Express type of wake up call... this is a flashback to Vietnam style get out of bed wake up call. I was expecting some small 4th of July poppers to startle this guy out of bed, but instead it looked like small bombs going off - prompting the smoke detector to sound off, and the neighbors to duck and run for cover.

truck tire two for Tuesday special edition. Yikes... this truck hit two bikini girls riding on a scooter. Look at the skid mark blood stain on the road... that one is gonna leave a mark! I have heard that in China, they try to kill the victims so the driver is not responsible for the health care bills... so they are usually slow to hit the brakes in accident situations.

it must be bikini day at the amusement park. this girl in the bikini top demonstrates exactly how bouncy the roller coaster ride is. the good news is... if the ride came to a sudden unexpected abrupt halt, she is well equipped with her own passenger side air bags.

woah... this is fucked up man! I would like to see some of these assholes spun by their necks from that rope! dog spinning is a ritual practiced in a southeastern Bulgarian. The locals claim that the dog is not supposed to be physically hurt. This ancient ritual of pagan origin is performed in order to prevent rabies and is a part of the traditional Kukeri rituals.

we can\'t all live in southern California surfing every weekend, so the rest of us have to get creative with puddle surfing on plywood surfboards. This chick gave it a good go, but got herself dunked in the puddle with this puddle surfing FAIL.

she was racing to the store in her shopping cart for a pants half off sale! I wonder if the bikini girl can score a new set of front teeth when she returns the shopping cart the store after her glorious FAIL. She was a good sport about it and laughed through her pain.

supper hollywood hottie Renee Olstead from Secret Life of the American Teenager and Nickelodeon's Alexa Nikolas is all growed up and has some awesome tits - as seen in these nude photos of Renee Olstead that hit the web this week.

two chicks each got blasted in the eyes from one epic orgasm by Preston from BangBros. One of them stormed off out of the room while the other one demanded eye drops and complained about it burning her eyes. note to Preston... next time avoid the fire hot buffalo wings the night before a porn shoot.

LOL... someone got into the cats party mix snacks while dad was out of the house. Lets see who is responsible for eating the whole bag of treats. The guilty dog has the worst poker face ever and hangs his head in shame when he is questioned. Labrador retrievers... they are the best dogs ever - but they are the Abe Lincoln of dogs and can never tell a lie.

Snooki scored some front row ring side tickets for a WWE main event and became part of the action. I really wish someone would have gone off script and given her a top rope off the turnbuckle pile-driver into the cement floor of the arena. Instead we are treated to the little troll fake-wrestling some hot wrestler women who play along and give Snooki 2 more minutes of fame.

woah... if a chick drops her panties and her dripping pussy looks like the mouth of the Predator, GTFO fast! this is why you should always do a lemon test on a chick before go-time. Snag a lemon wedge from the bar on your way out the door, and swirl the funbox before you dive in. If it stings, RUN.

I love instant karma videos! watch this kid get some instant karma after trying to kick a soccer ball at the back-side of a friend who is doing some stretching exercises. there is nothing better than getting some instant feedback and payback in a fraction of a second after doing something stupid.

Oh baby... Hot and Dangerous! last time we saw Ke$ha on the beach, we realized that the chick has no ass to speak of. Now we get to see her front side a bit more. It seems as though she is overcompensating for being void in the rear by adding some padding to the front - a la Kelly Clarkson.

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