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she was racing to the store in her shopping cart for a pants half off sale! I wonder if the bikini girl can score a new set of front teeth when she returns the shopping cart the store after her glorious FAIL. She was a good sport about it and laughed through her pain.

supper hollywood hottie Renee Olstead from Secret Life of the American Teenager and Nickelodeon's Alexa Nikolas is all growed up and has some awesome tits - as seen in these nude photos of Renee Olstead that hit the web this week.

two chicks each got blasted in the eyes from one epic orgasm by Preston from BangBros. One of them stormed off out of the room while the other one demanded eye drops and complained about it burning her eyes. note to Preston... next time avoid the fire hot buffalo wings the night before a porn shoot.

LOL... someone got into the cats party mix snacks while dad was out of the house. Lets see who is responsible for eating the whole bag of treats. The guilty dog has the worst poker face ever and hangs his head in shame when he is questioned. Labrador retrievers... they are the best dogs ever - but they are the Abe Lincoln of dogs and can never tell a lie.

Snooki scored some front row ring side tickets for a WWE main event and became part of the action. I really wish someone would have gone off script and given her a top rope off the turnbuckle pile-driver into the cement floor of the arena. Instead we are treated to the little troll fake-wrestling some hot wrestler women who play along and give Snooki 2 more minutes of fame.

woah... if a chick drops her panties and her dripping pussy looks like the mouth of the Predator, GTFO fast! this is why you should always do a lemon test on a chick before go-time. Snag a lemon wedge from the bar on your way out the door, and swirl the funbox before you dive in. If it stings, RUN.

I love instant karma videos! watch this kid get some instant karma after trying to kick a soccer ball at the back-side of a friend who is doing some stretching exercises. there is nothing better than getting some instant feedback and payback in a fraction of a second after doing something stupid.

Oh baby... Hot and Dangerous! last time we saw Ke$ha on the beach, we realized that the chick has no ass to speak of. Now we get to see her front side a bit more. It seems as though she is overcompensating for being void in the rear by adding some padding to the front - a la Kelly Clarkson.

WTF - why is it always fat double wide sweaty bitch with 6 kids day when I go to the amusement park? Enjoy this collection of hot nudist chicks riding roller coasters with no clothes on. Sorry about a few random dudes mixed in there. Photos by way of the UJ Forums!

oh man... this is one of the best set-ups ever for a practical joke. These two sons will be doing some major extra chores after scaring the daylights out of their mother with this fake fire. With some clever use of a fog machine, strobe light & red spot light, they sent mom screaming out of the house. funny that her first thought was about the dog... not the family inside... hmmmmm.

what happens in Vegas... no longer stays in Vegas - it gets recorded on video, posted on the Internet and lives forever! This sexy chick gives hotel guests a nice show when she blasts her pussy with a dildo while waiting for an elevator at a Las Vegas hotel.

Stay classy University of Albany! a group of students got carried away during a celebration and turned a fun festival into a Nissan Maxima thrash-fest. This was part of a 2011 annual Kegs & Eggs celebration at the school. I am gonna guess that a few of these kids are going to have an appointment with the dean of students and their parents will be writing some settlement checks very soon.

hey bro, porn just might not be your thing. his dick is not exactly a thimble, but this chick is having a hell of a time keeping his dick inside her because it is not long enough to get the job done. after a while, she gets frustrated and gets her pussy juices flowing on her own since he is totally inadequate.

This BBC reporter got into her birthday suit so she could become ONE with this African tribe while filming a documentary. The African tribe seemed really excited about her choice of wardrobe as they sat there with smiles from ear to ear. This my friends just might be the key to world peace.

I just fired my fat Mexican house cleaner, so I can replace her with a fine piece of ass like this. I would pay this chick hundreds of dollars to just walk around naked cleaning cum off the floor from my chronic masturbation habit.

AWESOME! this my friends is how you should deal with a bully at school. When the bully is half your size and his fists sting less than a mosquito, it is time to go full WWE mode on him with a sidewalk body-slam. In 30 seconds, this grade school target went from being picked on - to becoming a hero and inspiration to many other kids like him.

these girls are trapped in the elevator with a suspicious box sitting in the corner. when they get poked in the ass by a dildo, they are all smiles. I think this could turn out to be a fantastic pick up technique where you zero in on the bitches who are ready for a hell of a party.

WTF... this bitch is crazy! I will bet she is totally insane in the sack, but the kind of girl who might slit your throat while you sleep if you ever cross her. In case you do not know what stinging nettles are... they are a weed that injects poison into you through sharp barbs... they hurt like a bitch. I cannot imagine the pain she is feeling after shoving them into her pussy.

Charlie Sheen is already my hero, but he just took the cool factor up a few notches with this Funny Or Die Food Network cooking show parody - Winning Recipes With Charlie Sheen. Yum... TASTES LIKE WINNING! Caution: the taste of Charlie Sheen has the potential to cause your soul to weep and forfeit.

a group of girls are out having some fun singing along and slinging their cargo along to the I Whip My Hair Back And Forth. That song never sounded or looked so good before. Make this the official music video for Whip My Hair!

hell yeah... hot for teacher! this is a clip of St. Louis HS teacher Tera Myers doing some anal porn. She was fired from a job in Kentucky when they found out, so she moved to St. Louis to start over... that apparently did not go well as the past cannot be erased thanks to the Internet!

Welcome to college... it is now time to do stupid tricks to earn the respect and acceptance of your peers. This University freshman attempted a parkour style front flip from a second floor balcony, but came up with a FAIL. His first week at school will end with a trip to the university doctor to have his teeth wired back into his head.

hey look... chicks skateboarding naked - and they can actually ride! One word of advice... look out for splinters - you could puncture an implant if you hit the plywood face first.

if at first you FAIL... fail FAIL again! this girl was doing some sort of gymnastics demonstration on LIVE TV and failed at completing a back flip. After landing on her face she tried it again and landed square on her grill again. The second time, she staggered around for a while trying to shake off the embarrassment and grass in her teeth.

hell yeah... spring break is almost here - Mardi Gras week is upon us - let us rejoice and give thanks! Last years tits in this clip, but more to come in the following weeks for sure.

this my friends is why movie scenes involving live bears and lions is now done with CGI... because no matter how well a bear is trained in the ancient art of Kung Fu - he is still a bear! this bear got tired of the trainer games and decided to go old school on the actor. Rumor has it, he got the big vein in the dudes neck and it did not end well for him.

all these years - I thought it was syrup that made those seats and table tops so sticky at the ihop. These horny staffers took advantage of a slow moment at the restaurant for a quick fuck.

What the hell is going on here? looks like a dude in a straight jacket is rolling away from the mental institution strapped to a modified motorized hospital bed. Run buddy... run... and never look back at the haterz.

she hit the slopes hard, now she is gonna blast her ass even better. gotta love the quick break from the mountain to do a quick webcam ass blasting show for her friends.

in some parts of the ghetto, people cannot afford video games and cable TV, so they invent their own games and have fun playing outside to pass the time in a constructive way. These two hard working productive members of society took a pause from their community enrichment work to play a happy fun game of Throw The Homeless Guy. good times were had by all.

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