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LOL this dude is like a jackhammer energizer bunny when he bangs the bitchez at the office. I almost feel bad for this chick for having the misfortune of being banged by such a douche. Orgasm... she had NONE!

Passed out girlfriend got a surprise visit from a giant dildo when she blacked out drunk. Seemed like she kind of enjoyed the dildo violation.

DAMN... ladies take note - this is how you please a man! this is an awesome example of some Nude Twerking cowgirl style on a cock. Her naked twerking PORN ass is so damn fine bouncing up and down.

WTF... what an awesome moment to capture on video. right before taking a razor tip arrow to the heart, this whitetail deer let out a massive ripping fart. RESPECT!

Looks like mom has moved on after the divorce... or she is simply a raging slut wife whore who is banging her BF while her daughters listen and hubby is at work. I would like to get a peek at mom - I am gonna take a gander that she is a sexy cougar.

This sexy TEEN PUSSY is too tight to get blasted by a baseball bat. Good thing she was able to cram a few fingers into her pussy so she could get her orgasm on.

Damn... this I need to find me some sexy whores who like to mix up gymnastics and fun with their threesomes. full video please!

the glorious sound of female orgasms makes for an ensemble of classical music. Beethoven and Tchaikovsky would be proud.

WOAH WTF, this is one hell of a fucked up club and crazy ass surprise anal situation. I guess it is par for the course for things to go off the rails when you let random strangers ram your lesbian ass with a giant dildo and no lube.

short video, short stripper, whole lotta fail! Not sure WTF was going on here, but the nude midget stripper went all-in on a flying leap off the stripper stage. Have we not yet learned our trust-fall lessons yet?

Oh my... this is funny. Gotta love it when the doctors are laughing while extracting a dildo from this girls ass. No point trying to make excuses in this situation... just gotta own up, admit you got a dildo stuck in your ass and need a little helping hand. LOL EPIC HUMILIATION

OK... this is pretty funny. My spidey senses are telling me that Twerking FAIL started out as a set-up fake video, but ended with a glorious surprise FAIL ending. Funny stuff.

heres to you Mr. Mechanical Bull Operator Guy. With the precision of a surgeon, he hiked that dress up and grinded her lady parts into that bull saddle. Bravo!

she will break your neck, crush your balls, but DAMN - DAT ASS. I would rip them shorts down and take my turn on that ass - and teach her how to do it right.

Ha... them bitchez were fighting for the cock and head butted each other. Homeboy is lucky he did not end up with some teeth marks on his shaft.

now you see em... now you dont! Looks a bit staged to me, but hey... it be some titties! party on honey and thanks losing your bikini top and for showing off them puppies.

Ok... TROLLING HALL OF FAME inductee! KTUV news in Oakland grabbed some false TROLL info off the web and read it as facts. A summer intern got blamed for the gaffe. LOL. Sum Ting Wong, Wi To Lo, Ho Lee Fuk, Bang Ding Ow

just in case you were not 100% convinced that Justin Bieber is a total douche, this video might put you over the top. Homeboy pissed in a mop bucket at a restaurant, then sprayed bleach on celebrity photos on the wall of the restaurant. Sorry, but I will not be sad when he dies young.

Yeah yeah... Harlem Shake fad is over, but this is a rather well done legit porn version worth sharing. If I were a porn producer, I would be terrible... I would spend more time getting hot naked bitches to do stupid stunts and tricks vs filming them being banged.

Ha Ha - this cute blonde was having a good time getting plowed in the vag - until she got some surprise unwanted anal. Surprise ANAL - the show stopper!

Damn, hands down this is the worst lapdance ever! I thought contracting herpes from a stripper was bad, but this is apparently the type of dance you get when tipping a bitter slut 2 bucks for a good time.

Cool song just got cooler with insanely hot Emily Ratajkowski acting like a goofball dancing around NAKED. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke Hey Hey Hey...

Damn, she seized up like a board when homeboy found her backdoor without warning. This my friends is a show-stopper backdoor surprise.

Safety First! good thing he put on his life jacket - very responsible of him to do so. As if ghost riding your boat was not idiotic enough, he went for the no-handed wakeboard ride too... pretty awesome, yet unbelievably stupid!

NICE... what an awesome surprise catching two hot young lesbians doing some pussy munching on a public train. this stuff is typically reserved for crack heads and nasty butch dykes. BRAVO

Porn might not be her thing! she is cute, but really awkward and was far from prepared or experienced when it came to the facial. FUNNY first time porn for this amateur PORN VIRGIN.

Yep... this would send me into a psychotic fit of rage that would result in carnage at this festival. I cannot really fathom anything in life that would set me off worse than a portable toilet tumble at pubic festival on a hot day.

ha ha... I love to see instant karma served up to well deserving idiots. clean-up in aisle two... got some spilled milk and a few teeth scattered across the floor. awesome.

Ok... so here is the quick back-story. Teen mom Farrah Abraham was on an MTV reality show. When her time in the spotlight faded, she filmed a professional quality porn, and ooops, it got leaked / released. This is a small preview... you will have to pay Vivid to see the whole thing. My thoughts... she is pretty damn good at this. She should go full-time!

I love over-the-top absurdly bad acting in porn... especially when chicks pretend to be racist and struggle not to burst out laughing while slinging racist slurs during porn scenes. Ashley Blue... the queen of WTF funny porn!

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