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You know this girl is working that pussy hard as hell when she shits herself from clamping down on that dildo so hard. She has a good sense of humor about it... I love her for that. LOL

Ha... another instant holiday classic. I love when porn goes badly and people on the set meltdown or get injured. Santa almost got his dick bit off when the elf knocked over the fireplace. Funny Christmas Porn

THE ORIGINAL VIDEO this is how you do it... drunk off your ass mixing any kind of alcohol with in arms reach at your bachelor party, and finishing the lapdance by puking all over the naked strippers back and ass.

It is time for a lesson in some WTF cannot be Unseen and LOL content from the days when WTF really made us all cringe. Death by horse cock, stepfather slip-n-slide, flaming bros, and and donkey punch are just a few of the videos featured in this first edition of the underground Useless Junk video rewind

LOL... WTF is this girl doing? Poor cat walked into the wrong room at the wrong time. Hip hop girl helped kitty learn to fly. Fear not... cats always land on their feet.

That is one hell of a fine ass riding bitch on the back of this motorcycle. That awesome thong ass would cause me to crash... her ass is more dangerous than texting and driving.

Tony Stewart was wasting his time in some sort of super go-kart short track race. He bumped an idiot competitor who decided to play a game of chicken with Tony Stewart... and lost. Tony Stewart ran the bitch down and killed him dead. This my friends was no accident - and no fault of Tony Stewart.

Oh man... LOL homeboy gonna have some explaining to do. For his sake, I hope this was early in their vacation so he can ply his wife with drinks and all inclusive pampering so she can forget this ever happened. LOL. Jetski Accident in Nassau Bahanmas Video.

homeboy is a multitasker and fixes himself a sandwich while tapping some black booty. My bologna has a first name...

sexy young submissive bound up wife wanted that cum so bad until she go the cum in her mouth. bro might need to lay off the asparagus and broccoli and switch to coconut and pineapple diet. take it from a pro.

Thats so Ratchet! LOL two classy gals rage it up backstage at the strip club. The bouncer did a great job of doing absolutely nothing. I must admit that I am a bit surprised that they are white chicks. huh.

LOL legendary WWE Wrestling announcer dubs over some porn. Gotta love the internal damage.

damn, that is one hell of a big Ol bitch! the little dude goes a few fingers deep in that sloppy drunk hole and comes up with a red fist of fury. LOL

LOL this is a great retro PORN FAIL. mad respect for dudes ability to fall on his ass and keep his shit together and get on with the money shot.

Snoop Dog shoots straight and shares some thoughts about recent racist comments from the clippers owner. For the record... we whitey cracker mother fuckers were offended too. Peace.

WTF this dad is a total douche bag. His little kid would not drop in on the 10 foot half pipe so dad shoves him off the top of the ramp. classy bro!

LOL this dude is like a jackhammer energizer bunny when he bangs the bitchez at the office. I almost feel bad for this chick for having the misfortune of being banged by such a douche. Orgasm... she had NONE!

Passed out girlfriend got a surprise visit from a giant dildo when she blacked out drunk. Seemed like she kind of enjoyed the dildo violation.

DAMN... ladies take note - this is how you please a man! this is an awesome example of some Nude Twerking cowgirl style on a cock. Her naked twerking PORN ass is so damn fine bouncing up and down.

WTF... what an awesome moment to capture on video. right before taking a razor tip arrow to the heart, this whitetail deer let out a massive ripping fart. RESPECT!

Looks like mom has moved on after the divorce... or she is simply a raging slut wife whore who is banging her BF while her daughters listen and hubby is at work. I would like to get a peek at mom - I am gonna take a gander that she is a sexy cougar.

This sexy TEEN PUSSY is too tight to get blasted by a baseball bat. Good thing she was able to cram a few fingers into her pussy so she could get her orgasm on.

Damn... this I need to find me some sexy whores who like to mix up gymnastics and fun with their threesomes. full video please!

the glorious sound of female orgasms makes for an ensemble of classical music. Beethoven and Tchaikovsky would be proud.

WOAH WTF, this is one hell of a fucked up club and crazy ass surprise anal situation. I guess it is par for the course for things to go off the rails when you let random strangers ram your lesbian ass with a giant dildo and no lube.

short video, short stripper, whole lotta fail! Not sure WTF was going on here, but the nude midget stripper went all-in on a flying leap off the stripper stage. Have we not yet learned our trust-fall lessons yet?

Oh my... this is funny. Gotta love it when the doctors are laughing while extracting a dildo from this girls ass. No point trying to make excuses in this situation... just gotta own up, admit you got a dildo stuck in your ass and need a little helping hand. LOL EPIC HUMILIATION

OK... this is pretty funny. My spidey senses are telling me that Twerking FAIL started out as a set-up fake video, but ended with a glorious surprise FAIL ending. Funny stuff.

heres to you Mr. Mechanical Bull Operator Guy. With the precision of a surgeon, he hiked that dress up and grinded her lady parts into that bull saddle. Bravo!

she will break your neck, crush your balls, but DAMN - DAT ASS. I would rip them shorts down and take my turn on that ass - and teach her how to do it right.

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