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Dude eats out chicks pussy then fucks the shit out of her till she comes. great sound
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- 2007-11-20 (reply)  dog, is that you?
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  She needs implants and then she would be hot.
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  AngryDrunk does a lot of gobbling on Thanksgiving........along with the other 364 days of the year
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  Boring.
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  quality
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  tear that shit up
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  NICE PUSSY
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  we need another 9/11. Fuck you usa.
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  such amateur\'s
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  To the poster two up. It\'s all fun and games until we turn that litterbox you call a country into another fuckin disneyland
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  Man, those are some freaky-ass orangutan titties...
- 2007-11-20 (reply)  This HOMO has some weak/unoriginal moves... LAME...
- 2007-11-21 (reply)  that was rediculaslly BORING!!!!!
- 2007-11-24 (reply)  is she so ugly that you don\'t turn the light on ?
- 2007-11-24 (reply)  Aren\'t girls suspose to have tits?
- 2007-11-24 (reply)  Damn I hate it when bitches asked to be fucked harder. It\'s like \"Damn bitch, how much harder can it get. You want me to get a running start?\"
- 2007-11-24 (reply)  Damn! That flexible bitch must be a cheerleader or something. But why didn\'t we get more dick sucking action?
- 2007-11-24 (reply)  damn that got me so fuckin turned on
- 2007-11-25 (reply)  B.O.R.I.N.G.....couldn\'t even finish watching it.
- 2007-11-25 (reply)  god, she looks exactly like a girl I know... you don\'t think... nah. Can\'t be.
- 2007-11-26 (reply)  Limp dick white boys! That is why the white gals go to guys of other races! Halle Berry is bi-racial stupid ass pecka-wood! Half white/half black!
- 2007-11-26 (reply)  Two white people in their section-8 apt! Having more of those inbred little rats! Wear a fucking I don\'t have to pay for your fucking illegitemate kids! Fucking trash! LOL!
- 2007-11-27 (reply)  put the fucking lights on MORON
- 2007-11-27 (reply)  ^then it wouldn\'t be \"night vision\" you retarded little shit!
- 2007-11-28 (reply)  i like the part when he keep slippin out lol
- 2007-11-28 (reply)  Lookd like he woke her up to fuck and she didnt even know the camera was there.... Smallest titties Ive ever seen...and needs to be rougher... but it was ok....
- 2007-11-28 (reply)  I know who you are. Married and looking at this. guess what. When your wife was my girlfriend, I made her such the cum out of my dick and swish it around her teeth. I made her moan by licking every in
- 2007-11-28 (reply)  she got WRECKED!
- 2007-11-28 (reply)  its good to finnaly see some normal fucking and oral sex, instead of that nasty transexual shit they have on here. that shit is fucking nasty. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
- 2007-11-28 (reply)  ^You loved the transexual shit? That\'s fucking nasty!
- 2008-01-25 (reply)  as a female this is a very realistic love making session. i LOVE to be woke up like that =) he could have spent a little more time kissing her down below and just because her titties are small he sti
- 2008-02-03 (reply)  Silicone implants are nevah hot! Eww they look so unnatural.
- 2008-02-12 (reply)  ok that bitch didnt come without the help of self-masturbation. either the poor boy just isnt as good as he seems to be or she is just a loose whore. my husband has yet to leave me touching myself. i
- 2008-02-22 (reply)  stupid cheating husband !
- 2008-03-17 (reply)  Where is the rest of it. Is there any more.
- 2008-04-24 (reply)  Thats real. shit Please do another one with the lights on. do a little more cock sucking. must show a cum shot maybe some anal. that chick is hot. please do it again
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  damn that looks like my a girl from south side. hit that ass c dog do it the light next time. and show a cum shot
- 2008-05-14 (reply)  turn the lights on next time. where is the cum shot? that looks like my buddy sammys sister. doesnt he work at fed-ex?
- 2008-05-15 (reply)  damn that is her isnt it she has a nice ass and pussy. looks just like trina from south side. my buddy eric fucked that married ass.

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