Hot Fot Teacher - Heather Shelton

Hot for teacher part 2... another smokin hot teacher has been busted for bangin students!

We have a bundle of her photos (including bikini shots), and you can chat with her on MySpace since she still has her account up! She is facing felony charges and faces up to 44 months in prison.
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Anonymouse - 2006-04-17 (reply)  Where were these teachers when I was in school.
Phresh - 2006-04-17 (reply)  \"Where were these teachers when I was in school\" Im wondering that myself too.
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  Don\'t you need a master\'s degree to be a teacher? no way she\'s already got that at 22. i\'d do her though
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  no you don\'t need a master\'s degree
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  yeah i would have begged this teach to do me thats for sure
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  I\'ve had teachers who were hotter.
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  man i wonder how many teachers dont get caught
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  Wish some teacher would do that withme, if only that teacher in my school would. I would do it right in school on the desks in front of a class.
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  Lucky little bastards. Only our substitute teachers would look that hot, and it was rare we\'d see them since these old farts never took days off. I am teaching my son the art of flirting at a young
- 2006-04-17 (reply)   As far as the master\'s degree thing, in Kentucky at least, you don\'t need one to start teaching, but you have ten years to get one. And yes, I think the only sex crime this teacher should be charg
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  How is she facing 44 months in prison if the dude was 18? I can see how she could get fired for that, but jail time?
guitar@ce - 2006-04-17 (reply)  I fail to see the problem here,that guy hit the jackpot.I had one realy hot teacher back in the days,to bad she wasn\'t into bangin\' her students.
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  skank
- 2006-04-17 (reply)  You know, if that hot teacher got busted because some dumbass student flapped his gums, they should cut his balls off so that he doesn\'t bring any more idiots into this world.
First - 2006-04-18 (reply)  I used to fuck my teachers, but they were all nuns.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  hot man but what a waste...only 22 and ended her career like that
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  I\'d hit it.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  Hey... where are all the HOT male teachers at? You know damn well they are doing the same thing.. but you never hear about them doing anything!!
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  Do you think that the \"hot girl from tupelo\" is really 27?
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  It\'s a stupid law. Consenting adults are ADULTS! Get the stupid laws out of our pants for anybody over 18.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  She was not a teacher,,,,she was a teacher\'s aide
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  Just to set this one straight...she is a teachers aid, NOT a teacher and the guy was 17 when it all started. He met her at a tanning bed business where she works part-time, not at school. He went on
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  Cute face, but the bikini shot proves she\'s a bit meaty. Pass.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  I agree. She needs some ab work.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  Read her bio. She\'s also a huge redneck. At least she\'s not doing her brothers or cousins... yet.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  She\'s only 22. She\'s still a kid herself! She\'s flirting with a 17 yo. So what!
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  That other news article said she had a history of abuse with children. How the hell did she get a teaching degree, hot or not? I mean yes I\'d do her in her pooper, but she needs to fry.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  hot rapist
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  Ummm... there is nothing illegal about a 22 year-old, or any year-old for that matter, having sex with an 18 year-old.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  What state is she in, more states than not have a legal age of consent of 16 to 17. Not that it is proper, but she\'d have to be in one of the few stricter states for this to be an offense.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  Nothing wrong with being a redneck, hell if she was my first cousin i\'d still fuck her and dont say you wouldnt!!
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  Yeah that is a f*cked up law in NC. I mean I could see her getting fired for having sex with a student, but if they are both of legal age there is no reason why she should go to jail.
- 2006-04-18 (reply)  Everyone on here would tear it up - just admit it.
- 2006-04-19 (reply)  When I was 23, I fucked an 18 year old (diligently I might add!)...I was a senior in college, she was a freshman. Age difference isn\'t the problem here, it\'s the teacher/student relation. Even col
- 2006-04-19 (reply)  U bet your ass if it was a man teacher fuckin\' some young student he\'d be in the slammer and the key would be thrown away !
- 2006-04-19 (reply)  Whit the fuck it this shit?
- 2006-04-19 (reply)  Dude, she was 22 and f\'d an 18 year old. There\'s hardly anything wrong with that.
- 2006-04-19 (reply)  I fucked the dogshit out of an 18-year old senior in high school when I was 24. Loved it and would do it again.
- 2006-04-19 (reply)  To the guy who said he would pass because she looked meaty in the bikini shot.......... LOFL
- 2006-04-19 (reply)  if it was a man teacher doin a little girl, he\'d be slammed up for maximum penalty, roomed up with Ben Dover. why should she get a break just for being cute? plus, she cheated on her fiancee. serious
angrydrunk - 2006-04-20 (reply)  I fucked the shit out of a 18 year old senior, yesterday, and I\'m 43! I\'m sure her parents and friends will miss her, but her body\'s in 3 different counties. They\'ll never find her, MU-U-U-AH-AH-A
- 2006-04-20 (reply)  I, too, fucked a high school senoir, yesterday. His ass was so smooth and soft, his puckering asshole quivered as he cried.
- 2006-04-20 (reply)  what is this world coming to? what the hell after im done with school all these hotties bangin the students wtf?
- 2006-04-20 (reply)  As someone who has banged heather, several times when she was 19, can I just say she is smoking hot in bed. That little school boys head would still be spinning. Heather I love you, call me. JB
- 2006-04-21 (reply)  She is no freak bro....she is a loving, sweet girl who has made a stupid mistake. She will get through this...NO JAIL TIME FOR HEATHER.
- 2006-04-22 (reply)  She removed the \"Sneaky Prevert\" thread from her blog ... lol ... but left the \"I\'m Delicious!\" intact ... yeah she is a sneaky freak trying to hide form the law. Girlie keep your knees locked
- 2006-04-22 (reply)  knees together girl
- 2006-04-22 (reply)  You know it was clearly some jealous high school teen who got her fitted up for a statutory no man...boy would let the police know hes getting tail
- 2006-04-23 (reply)  She looks meaty in the bikini shot for sure...USDA Choice! And I\'d like to work on her abs...with my tongue!
- 2006-04-23 (reply)  She was an assistant for special ed kids ... she was doing the retards!!!
- 2006-04-25 (reply)  Actually you idiot if you read the paper or listen to the news, the student involved in the story WAS NOT her student! Some of you people on here are so dumb, I\'m surprised you know how to even use
- 2006-04-25 (reply)  Rednecks are funny ... don\'t call them FREAKS when they act like FREAKS or they will FREAK out!!!!
- 2006-04-26 (reply)  hey ppl thsi is abraham hamilton most fo ur comments are fucking stupid u all have no idea whats going on. and its sad that a bunch of losers dont have a life of there own so they have to comment abo
- 2006-04-26 (reply)  to all u inbreeded fuckers raping ur moms and dads thats gr8. anyone calling heather a slut needs to shut teh fuck up. she isnt a slut she is a sweet gurl. dont get mad because all of you havent had p
- 2006-04-26 (reply) kinda stole some stuff other ppl say. tell heather i said hi when you see her tonight. if maney\'s there tell him hi to. and ask him to hold the cam. ttyl abe.....hahahahahaha
- 2006-04-26 (reply)  Abarham needs to learn how to spell ... lol ... I love it when red necks get mad in cyber space. Heather is a freak a SUPER FREAK ... she is SUPER FREAKY!!!
- 2006-04-27 (reply)  abe your such a teacher melester!!!! jk man i give u props you my boy and i will always remember that night that was one crazy ass night later bro
- 2006-04-27 (reply)  i think its sweet that abraham is standing up for heather. this is a girl btw and i totally think the whole situation is crazy. i just wish abraham had wanted me, i go to school with him and hes so
- 2006-04-28 (reply)  Lets be honest ... Heather is not that bright. I am sure she is use to getting by with being cute and getting what she wants ... then the real world slapped her in place. A good wake up call for thi
- 2006-04-28 (reply)  You act like you know Heather....please elaborate! Why is she not that bright and why should this happen to her or much less anyone?
- 2006-04-30 (reply)  You act like you know this sexual freak ... please give usa her phone number ... if she will do a retard I am sure she will do anyone!!!
- 2006-04-30 (reply)  Why do you keep callin her a sexual freak? I don\'t know her I just went to the school where she used to work. Abraham is not a retard, but she did work with special needs students. Gosh yall get you
- 2006-04-30 (reply)  America likes sexual freaks!!! Bring us the FREAKS!!!
- 2006-05-01 (reply)  Do you see another blonde teacher is sleeping with her 13 year old student? She did a little time in prison got out and was busted for sending him video of herself ... funny how teachers can\'t keep
- 2006-05-02 (reply)  I agree. Something is wrong when a cute blonde has to fuck a teenage. She is not wired right.
- 2006-05-02 (reply)  Heather Shelton, the 22-year-old teacher\'s assistant at North Buncombe High School, turned herself in to police after they charged her with having sex with an 18-year-old student at the school. In No
- 2006-05-03 (reply)  She is a fun little whore
- 2006-05-04 (reply)  Of course these teachers were in school while you were in school, they just weren\'t getting it on with you. You just don\'t know about it because you weren\'t the school\'s star quarterback. It\'
- 2006-05-18 (reply)  I want to know where all the hot slutty teachers were when i was growing up! I would have fucked then and kept it quiet. Why ruin a GOOD thing?
- 2007-04-14 (reply)  my question is what are these kids THINKING telling authorities about their encounters?
- 2007-04-14 (reply)  \"I agree. Something is wrong when a cute blonde has to fuck a teenage. She is not wired right.\" There was only 4 years between them...
- 2009-08-05 (reply)  damn
JATRAMBO15 - 2011-12-04 (reply)  JATRAMBO88
hari - 2011-12-08 (reply)  i want fuck u
kd - 2011-12-29 (reply)  hi

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