Emily from Simonscans

Emily from SimonScans masturbates and uses large dildo
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- 2007-03-04 (reply)  FIRST
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  FIRST
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  did you see the doodoo on her finger, then she stuck it in her vag. corn?
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  nice cunt
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  I like the part with Emily from Simonscans masturbating using a large dildo
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  ^^yea that part was sweet!
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  Thats sad that a woman needs that thick of a dildo to be satisfied. maybe if she didnt have sex with 299 men she wouldnt be as loose as wizard\'s sleeves
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  Her bum is rather brown
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  where the fuck are the cocks filling her fucking holes? Make that whore airtight!!!!!!!!
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  my dick is bigger that that (danville KENTUCKY)
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  gross -- she went straight from finger in the ass to finger in the pussy. Good to know her cunt\'s all full of fecal chloroform.
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  one hint for the ladies, please do not go from your poorly-wiped asshole to your wizard-sleeve-loose cunt with the same finger, it\'s kinda nasty.
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  Amazing that Kentucky Hillbillies even have internet to post here......Orange forever...
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  Why do they post this g-rated shit on here.......I want to see some ass fucking, ass insertions, or just plain ass eating.....
- 2007-03-04 (reply)  real smart, stick you fingers up you ass and then rub them on you cunt
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  WTF!? Her fingers, that big dildo, all slid in with ease! No resistance, her pussy all gaped. She even slid her finger in her ass, easily. If you picked her up, you\'d be like, right on, then you star
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  shes got a nice buger on her , that looks like a real smooth ride
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  SHE\'S A BUDDA-FACE
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  That was good, the ass to pussy wasn\'t that bad, her ass was clean, its just it is stained, most pornstars will get there ass bleached to make it look better.
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  F I R S T
zack morris2 - 2007-03-05 (reply)  GOD!!! i rehate you HOOVER!!! Suck my dick!!!!
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  Dosn\'t she look like the scarecrow from the wizard of oz?
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  i\'d fuck taht ass
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  I LOST MY CAR KEYS IN THERE!!
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  who beat that bitch with a ugly stick??
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  i enjoyed it , only , is my willy supposed to tingle
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  Kinda cute but as has been pointed out proper wizard\'s sleeve - playing in a cathedral springs to mind
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  ^^^Like this guy said.. Fist a little tingle and then hard as a fucking brick!!
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  CAN SOMONE SAY YEAST INFECTION!!!
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  Nice Meat Curtains
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  I like the part where she checks herself for breast cancer.
- 2007-03-05 (reply)  DAMN! That would be like humping a glass of warm water. Props to the guy who wrote \"wizzard sleeze\"... not THAT\'s some funny shit!
- 2007-03-06 (reply)  She live two doors down now i will be trying to help her out,
- 2007-03-06 (reply)  i would like to shit into here cunt
- 2007-03-07 (reply)  Finally, some good stroke material
- 2007-03-08 (reply)  first
- 2007-03-09 (reply)  DAMN,looks like she\'s been AROUND
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  I like aeroplane jelly
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  why do women have cunts? so men will talk to them
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  great stuff . Could ave taken a bigger toy
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  very nice tosee people who are non afraid.
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  GOT DAMN SHE\'S LOOOOOOOOOSE
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  How can you say she looks loose? Just how small are your cocks?
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  She looks like ODO from Star Trek... in other words, she\'s FUCKING UGLY. Not to mention she\'s a loose whorish cunt.
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  manly
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  Why are there so many posters on here stuck on stupid. You\'ve got your \"FIRST\"\'ve got the idiot that always says \"I like the part when.....\" You\'ve got the moron that always posts
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  gotdy noyvjrd @@@
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  i agree .. ass to pussy .. ass to mouth .. all equally nasty .. and personally .. i fuckin hate ass sex with even the finest girl .. i dont want shit mucous on my dick .. keep it seperate girls .. kee
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  AWESOME
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  if you want to fuck her you better strap a board to your ass so you dont fall in.but she might have croutch rot from going ass to puss.SO WRAP YOUR PECKERS FUCKERS!!!!!
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  large dildo
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  nice nice very nice..
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  I LOVE HANGING PUSSY MEAT YUMYUM
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  interesting.............
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  That bitch is SWEET!!! Huge pussy though... HELLO DOWN THERE.... (HELLO DOWN THERE....) IS THERE ANYONE DOWN THERE!!! (IS THERE ANYONE DOWN THERE!!!)
- 2007-03-11 (reply)  Her body is very hot, butterface.....
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  This reminds me of a story I heard about this chick. One day her new boy friend slipped his hand down her panties and coyly slipped a finger inside her pink delight. This was nice, she thought, so s
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  anyone knows how to watch that video? i\'m using an Atari mega st4 with a 22k modem.
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  I really like aeroplane jelly
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  can anyone say grand canyon
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  Not very many white men who can \"fill\" her, she needs a black cock
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  \"GRAND CANYON\"
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  Boring...
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  She\'s a keeper.
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  NICE HOOP!
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  hella loose. wouldnt tap it
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  nice body
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  id like to lick it hard
- 2007-03-12 (reply)  this reminds me of one time when we were going skiing. There was a chimney fire at the lodge and we ended up having to be put in a hotel. I walked out to smoke a cigarette and i noticed it was sle
- 2007-03-13 (reply)  why do hot bitches have to fuck things up by sticking their fingers up their asses
- 2007-03-13 (reply)  GooooooooooooooooooooD!! ^^
- 2007-03-13 (reply)  I didnīt like the part where she masturbates and uses her fingers and a large dildo
- 2007-03-13 (reply)  i like the part where she rapes herself. i like that part.
- 2007-03-13 (reply)  This chick isent even hot.... at all!
- 2007-03-13 (reply)  This chick isent even hot.... at all!
- 2007-03-13 (reply)  that is one hell of a phat pussy my god i want dat!
- 2007-03-13 (reply)  BOREING
- 2007-03-14 (reply)  That pussy was fat and pretty. Nice clean lookin asshole too. I\'d jump up and down in that pussy!
- 2007-03-15 (reply)  she was\'nt to smart
- 2007-03-16 (reply)  nikky case
- 2007-03-17 (reply)  i think that cick is hot, oh yeah i\'d lick it!
- 2007-03-17 (reply)  very nice.
- 2007-03-17 (reply)  very nice.
- 2007-03-17 (reply)  11
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  I wonder how come ya don\'t see ass fucking, then pussy fuckin, health hazzard?
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  i love it when a chick plays with her self.. that is a big turn on!!!
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  fat and meaty! you gotta love it!
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  i love pussy just throwin it out there and this movie helped me through a difficult time
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  \"Bone-ing\" this tramp would be like THROWING A HOT DOG down a HALLWAY. ...She\'s been double-barreled a few too many times.
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  its so big
- 2007-04-07 (reply)  she is hot and her ass wasnt dirty and the juices that came out oooo baby i liked the part when she strerched her pussy and alittle juice came out i love her wid all my heart and none of u can change
- 2007-04-07 (reply)  she is sooo hot her hols are sooo sweet and i liked it when she stretched her pussy and alittle juice came out i love her sooo much
MikeMann - 2007-04-11 (reply)  First
- 2007-04-15 (reply)  so wat first she is hot and i love her soooo much dnt u lot think she is hot imean u hav no taste in good women dudes
- 2007-04-28 (reply)  alison angel
- 2007-05-13 (reply)  I don\'t care what you boy\'s & girl\'s say this chick is hot!!!!!!!!! this kind of girl will make all your dreams cum true. fking HOT!!!!!!!!
- 2007-05-21 (reply)  what a babe! What a wet pussy! I would very much like to fuck her in the ass, and maybe, a nice titwank!
- 2007-05-27 (reply)  The funny thing is i actually know this girl in real life! Not shitting you
- 2007-05-29 (reply)  Great stuff
- 2007-06-24 (reply)  who you talking about
- 2007-07-02 (reply)  swallow
- 2007-07-06 (reply)  stockings
- 2007-07-31 (reply)  suck my dick
- 2007-08-04 (reply)  damn she got a nice ppussy!
- 2007-08-17 (reply)  1 word amazing she is a rudy
- 2007-08-17 (reply)  this is victoria not emily
- 2007-08-18 (reply)  this is victoria from bangbabes channel 915 on sky in the uk... she is hot and looks Much hotter now
- 2007-09-21 (reply)  i think victoria is one of the most beautiful women in the world and id give anything to lick her finger after its been up her sweet sweet ass hole!!
- 2007-09-22 (reply)  id luv to see this bird get gang banged by five of the biggest black men in the world
- 2007-09-22 (reply)  flavia simonscans
- 2007-10-17 (reply)  gabrielle
- 2007-11-09 (reply)  jason coombs is a pimp
- 2007-11-15 (reply)  She has a mingelike mel B\'s handbag and an arse like a pint glass but would still get crunched
- 2007-12-24 (reply)  I LOVE EMILLY I WOULD LOVE TO FUCK HER
- 2008-01-05 (reply)  im sure this is victoria from skys bangbabes
- 2008-02-28 (reply)  this IS victoria from bangbabes! hot as fuck. ass to mouth would\'ve been better. i\'d be up that like a rat up a drainpipe!
- 2008-03-17 (reply)  its victoria from bangbabes day time show ,sky channel 912 or 948
- 2008-04-09 (reply)  piss
- 2008-04-17 (reply)  may i download emily video to mobile
- 2008-06-12 (reply)  love this gal,anymore vids?more vids please
- 2008-07-29 (reply)  Bloody hell. She must have been cocked more times then Davy Crockett\'s musket.
- 2008-07-30 (reply)  awesome video, who is she, has she done more ?
- 2008-08-02 (reply)  i would fuck her any day her tits are greta miss see her on babnbaes always wank when sh was on
- 2008-10-02 (reply)  her name is victoria she is on british tv sky channel 906 babestation at night time tv she has not bin on there for some time so you might get lucky one night and see her spread her legs wide open her
- 2008-12-22 (reply)  gr8 vid, but she is too quiet,would of been better if she moaned a bit!
- 2009-01-08 (reply)  i have seen this girl on the early bird show and am so glad that have seen this video its great. has anyone got anymore of her she is hot. she is back on bangbabes now as well.
- 2009-02-16 (reply)  shes so fine. would love to be fucking that lush pussy
homeronx - 2009-03-06 (reply)   a bang babes bird ....always nice to see their fannies
- 2009-04-09 (reply)  Would love to come all over that face
d - 2009-04-15 (reply)  cumed allover
LUVSTHISGIRL - 2009-04-20 (reply)  i no shes loose but this girl soo fcuking gawjuus sxc voice the best on TV any more of her? ive looked hard but this is most hardcore
jim - 2009-05-09 (reply)  every time i view this i wank myself stupid
Big Ade - 2009-05-14 (reply)  Absolutely horny girl
- 2009-05-29 (reply)  id love to make her asshole as wide as dat pussy dirty hoe not the type of girl u take home to ya mam haha
Solid Snake - 2009-06-05 (reply)  NIIIIIIIIIICCCCCEEEEEE :)
- 2009-06-17 (reply)  holy crap, that is one sexy bitch!
longdong - 2009-06-17 (reply)  those are some nice meat curtons!
slave the white race - 2009-06-17 (reply)  white people are going into slavery. ask me a question?
boobman - 2009-06-17 (reply)  nice tits
boobman - 2009-06-17 (reply)  nice tits
- 2009-06-17 (reply)  damn, I want to buy a chick just like this.
- 2009-06-17 (reply)  she should of stuck the dildo in her arse
- 2009-06-18 (reply)  she's probably a JEW. she can get more FREE AIR if she uses her cave and snozz at the same time. BTW, ANY white girl who fucks NIGGERS is more worthless than the NIGGER. if i were rich enough to buy N
- 2009-06-19 (reply)  best fucking video i seen for a long time here!!!!!!!!!!
Big R - 2009-06-19 (reply)  Wow I ain't never seen nothing like that!
Big R - 2009-06-19 (reply)  I need one like that!
Big R - 2009-06-19 (reply)  I need one like that!
- 2009-06-20 (reply)  horrible teeth
- 2009-09-09 (reply)  wats her real name??
hunkybwoi - 2009-11-15 (reply)  u r sooo sexy!!
- 2010-02-01 (reply)  I would love to cum in her pussy
guido 1034 - 2010-02-19 (reply)  i watch this bird on bangbabes..she has the most edible ass on the planet. what would give to tongue it
frankie babe - 2010-02-28 (reply)  
pumpoutdacream - 2010-04-22 (reply)  shes hot as hell fuck the big pussy looks pretty damn good to me ass finger to pussy i love it u gay puffters
kevster2610 - 2010-11-24 (reply)  on phone
joeybgood - 2011-03-23 (reply)  nice but no jucy flow
dd - 2012-02-19 (reply)  ansolotely divine
waylo - 2012-05-11 (reply)  she is fucking hot i think doubt my fist would do anything for her cunt
jamesy679p - 2012-05-15 (reply)  oh yes,
nickname - 2012-06-18 (reply)  wy dick want in
nickname - 2012-10-15 (reply)  wish she would do some hardcore with a black cock like amanda rendall
hahhahhahh - 2013-01-15 (reply)  i would eat her pussy and suck her toes super hot body
hahahahahahh - 2013-01-15 (reply)  i would eat her pussy and suck her toes super hot body

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