Parenting FAIL - kid walks in on mom and dad fucking

Looks like Juniors nap time is over! Hey bro, locks on doors work really well, might want to try that next time. I would love to here the excuses. Uh... Uh... mommy had an itch on her back and I was just scratching it. LOL
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420 KING - 2011-10-02 (reply)  When I was a kid I
420 KING - 2011-10-02 (reply)  When I was a kid I've seen my slutty mom sucking a dirty black cock for only 5 bucks. But it hasn't harmed me, I'm only gay and a weed smoker!!! What a great life.
Admiral Allah Ackbar - 2011-10-02 (reply)  Be carefull KING, Allah says to be gay is a trap!!!!
jakbox - 2011-10-02 (reply)  what an ass! oh god that ass is splendid
- 2011-10-02 (reply)  doh!
- 2011-10-02 (reply)  act cool, kid will have no idea what is going on.
LOL - 2011-10-02 (reply)  LOL
- 2011-10-02 (reply)  good thing it wasn't a nigger.
LOL - 2011-10-12
stop being jealous of black people just because you've got no dick :D
MILF - 2011-10-02 (reply)  HOT MOM MILF
big rick - 2011-10-04 (reply)  mom had a phat ass
nickanme - 2011-10-10
was thinking the exact same thing
Uncut4Life - 2011-10-04 (reply)  i have the same closet...IKEA is that u :O
border agent 69 - 2011-10-04 (reply)  it's bound to happen when them damn mexicans have 50 ppl living in a apartment no privacy they don't care
- 2011-11-06
stupidamericants - 2012-01-12
also bound to happen,you always being a dumbfuck texan/azn/newmexican/kardashian/californian who can't find a job, if he does have one, its a shit job"BRO I'm the assistant manager at verizon, i get 3 sometimes 4 new cell phones per year AND bluetooth+ 17k a year! thank you, we truly need dumbfucks like you, how else would...whoa whoa whoa! stop the clock! i'm very very high! wtf was i sayin? funn
veryhighamerican - 2012-01-12
y-hot-are they gonna put the kid back to sleep for round 2? so they try again but this time its grandma, this goes on 49 more times, good comment buddy! I've been laughing, but i was laughing at the Verizon guy really, and if you are a border agent,... thank you for your service, you put your life on the line daily, and people forget,protecting our borders is the basics of war, oh! its brazil btw
happyamerican - 2012-01-12
dude,budtender!A+me&pal b.Agent(i call him borbo)in pursuit of smuggies,NO BADpot IN! high-grade medical pot only, US is awesome! now imagine free1hr wifi@parks W/45+ trees(foundloophole,email, details*)dark day if they kill dispensaries- peace&love bababooey/bababooey
DeeDee Granini - 2011-10-04 (reply)  I love skinny chicks with A-cup titties. And a French accent. That being said, I don't see a FAIL here. Kids should grow up learning that sex is a good and positive thing, unless of course you're a Tea Party person.
- 2011-10-04 (reply)  milftastic!
aas - 2011-10-04 (reply)  asasasa
DuckFaceFucker - 2011-10-05 (reply)  I wouldn't have stopped. ;)
j83 - 2011-10-05 (reply)  Why would they even put that on the net?
Pffffft - 2011-10-05 (reply)  At least the kid has been closer to a vagina than 99% of people here.
fufuman - 2011-10-06 (reply)  unless you were delivered by ceasarean everyone has been in a pussy.
BlackMan - 2011-10-07 (reply)  1) Mom was fine 2) That ass was fat wanna slide my dick between the cheeks 3) That has happen to everyone who grew up in a house where mom and dad still are together 4) the kid has no cle what was going on so he'll be fine 5) why didn't the close and lock the door they asked for it and 6) fuck all you racist ppl screamin nigger behind your computer screen
Mike Dooley - 2011-10-07 (reply)   I watched my mom when she's fucking my stepdad.Hell I've even joined In too.
rexaman - 2011-10-07 (reply)  dam this kid is shocked
rexaman - 2011-10-07 (reply)  dam this kid is shocked
scharma king - 2011-10-07 (reply)  why the fuck wouldnt you shut the door... they dont even give a fuck.
roflcopter - 2011-10-10 (reply)  actually thats her lover no her husband. thats why the kid is surprised.
big tim - 2011-10-11 (reply)  should had mom suck off the kid while dad fucking her
niggersarenothuman - 2011-10-24 (reply)  hahahhahaahahahahha fucking niggers
oh - 2011-10-27 (reply)  upload parents
slutfuk - 2011-12-29 (reply)  LOL!! too kool!
Ron Jeremy - 2012-01-09 (reply)  Fucking wetbacks, they already have 12 little concrete workers running around their cardboard shack, now they are fucking again making more.
wow - 2012-02-09 (reply)  neighbors daughter was sucking when her mom walked in. she finished me with her mom in the kitchen
phillybreadman - 2012-02-29 (reply)  mommy has a fat ass and daddy can't find the hole!
cfo - 2012-02-29 (reply)  nice ass on that chick
nickname - 2013-05-27 (reply)  taboo

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