dog attacks girl for sex after she gets naked

after 10 min of stripping in front of the dog, skoobs is like FUCK THIS TEASING SHIT... and jumps on the bitch for some sex. She didn't seem to mind too much and I'm going to guess that this sexy bitch is f'd up in the head and is without her meds today. why can't I find a hot kinky psycho whore like her?
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- 2009-08-26 (reply)  first
roche - 2011-04-14
i like to see
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  first
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  and she edits it?!
... - 2009-08-26 (reply)  nah man... she didnt.. read da note under vid...
Guy - 2009-08-26 (reply)  ...that was totally on purpose.
wow - 2009-08-26 (reply)  she is on meth or something
Anon - 2009-08-26 (reply)  Up-n-up??? This place all of a sudden has morals???
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  Is it wrong that the video gave me a boner?
freud - 2009-08-26 (reply)  if your dick got hard it means you are fucked in the head and want to have sex with animals or Peter North.
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  My friend has a dog. If you lay on the couch and unzip your pants, he gets excited like he is about to get a treat. We all bust his balls because it is obvious that he lets the dog lick his cock whe
Icarus - 2011-05-01
Why would you lay on your friends couch and unzip your pants? Who first discovered this?
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  I would bang the shit out of this nutter chick
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  Look at the 2:55 mark. She is caught by someone outside or just had hubby roll into the driveway home from work. Something startled her.
NoBama - 2009-08-26 (reply)  Looks like the cat wanted in the on the action. She must have voted for Barack Hussein Obama.
Hornet - 2009-08-26 (reply)  Want to see unedited clip.
roche - 2011-04-14
i like to see
go to - 2012-05-12
motherless dot com and type in Shylark in the search box. Lots more where this came from.
Seen her B4 - 2009-08-26 (reply)  Her K9 video name is Skyler she does dogs all the time
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  where are those videos at
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  i would fuck the shit out of that girl and let the dog join
Skylerfan - 2009-08-26 (reply)  Yeah this is Skyler and she bangs dogs like crazy.
Skylerfan2 - 2009-08-26 (reply)  Notice she wears a mask so she doesn't get arrested? lol
BIG dick ANT - 2009-08-26 (reply)  this shit is hot im soo hard i lve dogs..
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  what the fuck!!!!!1
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  You know the guy in the apartment below has to be thinking "What the F are they doing up there?!" I like how the cat tried to make a cameo.
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  Also...2:55 means the kids were just dropped off by the bus. "Mommy? Why does Snickers mouth smell like a rotting hippo's vagina?"
RickJames - 2009-08-26 (reply)  Cocaine is a hell of a drug!
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  what's she reaching for @ the 3:10 mark...
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  that was hot!
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  she reached for the dogs dick to put it in definitly
Curious - 2009-08-26 (reply)  How can I see more of her...she is HOT..Does anyone now where to find more videos?
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  UJ, edit?!? Since you can't see any penetration, can you post the full vid unedited or put up a link or something? This is too funny!
ms - 2009-08-26 (reply)  i wanna cum inside her and let her dog lick it out....
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  hah and later that night her bf probably had his face all up in that dog creampied twat haahhahaahaha
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  Yeah I agree, please post the full video! You said it's not too graphic and you can't see any penetration, so what's the harm?? Oh and that girl is still hot, and I would totally do her!
dog from this movie - 2009-08-26 (reply)  Haay there everyoune "woof woof" i always get 2 fuck her while her husband is at work, only problem is that she gave me the crabs n now iam going on a hardcore flee cure. "waaauuu woof"
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  could someone link the whole video PLEASE
- 2009-08-26 (reply)  Yeah, does anyone have the whole video? Can you link it please?
P - 2009-08-26 (reply)  Its Shylark...not Skyler
capt. dick - 2009-08-26 (reply)  best video ever posted
Raygan - 2009-08-27 (reply)  Natalie ann walker is the best looken girl i know. she is from montgumery indiana
Raygan - 2009-08-27 (reply)  I love her but i dont think she even wants to be friends. what should i do.
- 2009-08-27 (reply)  whats up with the burka? Muslims suck....
Blake lee burch - 2009-08-27 (reply)  Call blake lee burch for a 2 weeks of free sex when you want it. call at 812-698-8967 or 812-709-9258.
Blake lee burch - 2009-08-27 (reply)  Have fun
riderhole - 2009-08-27 (reply)  dat bitch is wak id go balls deep in that golden retreaver
lol!? - 2009-08-27 (reply)  2:48 is it a cat!? XD
peter - 2009-08-27 (reply)  fuckterd of the day
ShadyatBest - 2009-08-27 (reply)  The 70's called and they want their shitty as pants back.
bill - 2009-08-27 (reply)  wow what a cunty slut why a dog and not octopuses she probably can't even get a man. if she just stood out nakedin front of the french embassy she can
- 2012-07-10
no shed have to grow leg and armpit hair for the embassy
miguel - 2009-08-27 (reply)  now that is wat im talking bout ese!
guest name - 2009-08-27 (reply)  i wanked this this TWO!!! times
- 2009-08-27 (reply)  wtf is wrong with people?
- 2009-08-27 (reply)  look at 2:16 you can see the dog on her
Pitbull - 2009-08-27 (reply)  Damn where can i see the full video????
wow - 2009-08-27 (reply)  so hot she is..def on some Dr. Ugz..fuckin spider runnin cross my keyboard..i wonder who these people are in real life..she make money off diss???
melikey - 2009-08-27 (reply)  i would love to own a dog that would fuck me like that, anyone up for it???
The demon inside - 2009-08-27 (reply)  If you want to see a K9 video go to Motherless theres every kind of sexual kink your demented little wanking minds could handle just make sure you wash your hands after your done and dont touch the d
Whiskers - 2009-08-27 (reply)  The cat: "Did somebody say pussy?"
Mind Your F'in Busin - 2009-08-27 (reply)  Just before the 2:55 mark the cat runs through the shot and jumps up on something and the light changes in the room. My guess is it opened the curtains.
- 2009-08-27 (reply)  She is obviously messed up.
- 2009-08-27 (reply)  you know when black ppl get embarassed of their race.... yeah
- 2009-08-27 (reply)  lol sick of that black dick!
Tarl - 2009-08-28 (reply)  She dances well.
sexi - 2009-08-28 (reply)  I bet the dog is like .....stop dancing around and lets fuck!!!
maximiliankohler - 2009-08-28 (reply)  why the fuck is this edited.....................
jpes - 2009-08-28 (reply)  edited shit the guys that run this site are retards
wow - 2009-08-28 (reply)  NEED FULL VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pai - 2009-08-28 (reply)  I want the full version
woot? - 2009-08-28 (reply)  Editing defeats the whole purpose of this site!
John Holmes - 2009-08-28 (reply)  I bet the dog dont think it tastes like chicken
horny - 2009-08-28 (reply)  post full vid if there is no clear shot of full penetration or give link please
mmm - 2009-08-28 (reply)  more vid with zoo porn plz
want more - 2009-08-28 (reply)  if anyone gets the full video please post a link here
- 2009-08-28 (reply)  how about with :17 left the dog gets on top of her and you can see her guide the dogs dick in with her left hand. crazy ass bitch
Matt - 2009-08-28 (reply)  Actually a lot of women/girls have sex with their dogs. It's kind of an open secret among them. They don't tell us guys about it though. :)
Capt. Dick - 2009-08-29 (reply)  hey melikey i have 2 male dogs if you live in new orleans
fuku - 2009-08-29 (reply)  take out the spaces - h t t p://
lol - 2009-08-29 (reply)  lol
- 2009-08-29 (reply)  Where do I find the unedited version of the girl and dog?
- 2009-08-29 (reply)  at 2:56 she was like, " omg i think my husband is home.... oh false alarm
- 2009-08-29 (reply)  Look closely at 1:14, a cut of the dog taking her from behind.
aka - 2009-08-29 (reply)  fucking dirty white girls
- 2009-08-30 (reply)  Viewing beastiality is a felony in several states I think, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure thats right.
.. - 2009-08-30 (reply)  3:10... she is reaching to put the dog inside... SICK!!
shazam - 2009-08-30 (reply)  3:10 she is going straight for his cock!
Mario - 2009-08-30 (reply)  she is definitly above 35! look at lines on her body! she is skinny but dosent cover the fact that she is above 35! dirty old dog-sucker lol
yoman - 2009-08-30 (reply)  if not going to upload orginal, at least tell us where you got it!
cRoN - 2009-08-30 (reply)  Found the original, much higher quality. Password is It is in 5 parts on rapidshare under the file names cal-shylark.partx.rar Replace x with the part number.
marc_job - 2009-08-31 (reply)  011069
marc_job - 2009-08-31 (reply)  my im seevideo
pwnage - 2009-08-31 (reply)  this is sick and you are all dirty old 50 year old men you like dick in there arses what the fuck.
HostessTree - 2009-08-31 (reply)  Most girls and guys experiment with dogs....i'd have to say atleast 40% of men or more specialy women thats like a 70% chance there lol
mckisen - 2009-08-31 (reply)  I wanna see the all thing man s
- 2009-08-31 (reply)  cRoN your password is wack!
!!@!! - 2009-08-31 (reply)  cRon, password did not work, any other ideas?
jimmy - 2009-08-31 (reply)  cRon, password did not work, any other ideas? or maybe i just typed it in wrong?
torrent - 2009-08-31 (reply)  thi is the torrent h t t p://
tbone - 2009-08-31 (reply)  no one has found these vids?
none - 2009-08-31 (reply)  this shit is twisted. what's wrong with plain old normal porn?
dork - 2009-08-31 (reply)  hope i am not a perv but i just knocked one out there
- 2009-08-31 (reply)  You're the best, torrent, thanks! But I didn't watch it because I am a weird pervert or anything. No, I watched it so I could see how bad it really was and warn others to stay away! So please don't
Mac - 2009-08-31 (reply)  So, we know her name, and something something k9... just link to the video in a way that others can watch it online without downloading something. If she does this all the time, prove it with links.
ok - 2009-09-01 (reply)  the torrent is the full vid, and it is the real deal... The dog is on the money and she is happy with that
HostessTree - 2009-09-01 (reply)  she takes doggy style to a new level. LOL
snoopy - 2009-09-01 (reply)  all white women are whores thats why thy wonna get raid by dogs
germania - 2009-09-01 (reply)  thats all what americans can do......
melikey - 2009-09-01 (reply)  captain dick... if i lived in new orleans i would b over in a heartbeat, unfortunately for me, i live in arizona... my pussy will have to just keep masturbating to the thought of ur 2 pupps :(
Mac - 2009-09-01 (reply)  I don't have the ability to torrent, so I need someone to upload the full video online, or post the link to her videos online. It's not that hard to do!
- 2009-09-02 (reply)  since when do we edit, this site has shitting, puking, but we edit this, man WTF!
freak - 2009-09-02 (reply)  does anyone knows a site with the full content?
lilnicky 89 - 2009-09-03 (reply)  holy shit that is hot i want to bang her soo badly
correct link - 2009-09-03 (reply)  the torrent link was posted about 14 up. it is accurate
- 2009-09-03 (reply)  the actual video is 52 minutes. they edited the shit out of this. lame
- 2009-09-03 (reply)  if you can't do the torrent, the site linked to the actual movie is h t t p://caledonian-nv. c o m . its a movie store with every kind of animal sex you can imagine as far as i can see from the menu w
Panda - 2009-09-03 (reply)  my husband and i let the Labs fuck me all the time. we both get turned on by it
pussyinvader - 2009-09-03 (reply)  neighbors saw her dog have fun its ok
- 2009-09-04 (reply)  you fucker! you took all the good parts out...
Maxis - 2009-09-04 (reply)  WTF?! Such a hottie and she has to fuck dogs? Holy shit, I've seen some crazy shit, but I have never seen a woman fuck a dog. Yep, that's about as low as you can get. Degenerate whore!!!
JB - 2009-09-04 (reply)  Funny thing about these vids is someone will recognize her, be it the dog, or the furniture. I'll give it about two months before she is exposed as a dog fucker, any chance of upping that full vid?
iwannaseethefullvid2 - 2009-09-04 (reply)  thats so fuccin weird..but hot too..a bitch that'll fuck a dogg will do anything else u ask her to do..still, how do u cum to the conclusion that u wanna be fucked by a dog? unless she was gettin paid
DOM - 2009-09-04 (reply)  Dog wanna fuck her! Search for may be they did it!
- 2009-09-04 (reply)  White people are crazy
- 2009-09-04 (reply)  Only white people... Crazyass mofo's
K9 lover - 2009-09-04 (reply)  look on Motherless
- 2009-09-05 (reply)  there is another vid of this bird getting banged by her dog where she is on the phone...
zooskool - 2009-09-05 (reply)  I love beatsiality porn ! i have bout 50 GB on Dog Sex Porn i love it !!1 ZOOSKOOL, and Ketrstin FTW !!!!!!!
sexytime - 2009-09-05 (reply)  hey melikey im an az boy with a few good dogs how bout we hook up?
toelvr - 2009-09-05 (reply)  i wish there was more of her and her dog on line
- 2009-09-05 (reply)  SICK ASS WHITE PEOPLE
lonely - 2009-09-06 (reply)  where can i get the piece of fabric she uses
- 2009-09-06 (reply)  FOR HOT OLD CHINESE SOY SAUCE SMELLING PUSSY CALL 917-518-3766
whites are devils - 2009-09-06 (reply)  the white race are beasts. fuckin animals is natural to these sick mutations like fish in water
jaoboy - 2009-09-06 (reply)  pela1xmedeuvontade de ser um c茫o
spinMAheadRIGHTround - 2009-09-07 (reply)  yo....somebody pls tell her the planet she lives on has men too...crazy btch.....
SOLDIER - 2009-09-07 (reply)  My guess is she is some soldiers wife he brought home while traveling to IRAQ or AFGHAN. The house looks American, the dog is American but those jeans and her style I have seen on those Russian wholr
thetruth - 2009-09-07 (reply)  You'd be surprised girls let their dogs try that when nobodys around. nothing wrong with that. she just can't admit it,catch to much hell. My wife let our dog lick her to orgasm once, but would never
animallovers - 2012-05-12
I think I saw a documentary called animal lovers where they had a guy who married a horse and beyond that there were girls who were skinny dipping and got mounted by their dog when they were bending over to test the water, and then they ended up doing it more regularly. Who doesn't need loving in this world besides animals that mate once and die? lol
catallyst - 2009-09-08 (reply)  does anybody know what music that is?
skylark - 2009-09-08 (reply)  goto motherless and search skylark...shes there
Franky - 2009-09-08 (reply)  Seriously? Nothing wrong with fucking a dog/ Are you totally sick or something. of course it's wrong. It's wrong on so many levels and for so many reasons. I bet people wil stil wonder whay the w
Much lols - 2009-09-08 (reply)  LOL...he pwned your ass sickos! hehehe
tennesseejed - 2009-09-08 (reply)  I'd fock her BLUE
budha - 2009-09-09 (reply)  I wish i was that dog hehehehehehe
- 2009-09-09 (reply)  lol the tittle should say: Cat interrupts sexy time.
- 2009-09-09 (reply)  looks like she wanted the dog peen at first
- 2009-09-10 (reply)  wheres the rest of it??? I want to see all of that!!
- 2009-09-10 (reply)  blooper
- 2009-09-11 (reply)  dogs penises are gros.
- 2009-09-11 (reply)  psycho whore like her
- 2009-09-11 (reply)  dog
- 2009-09-12 (reply)  yeah white folks started aids by fucking green monkeys theyll fuck anything that gets wet
Mac - 2009-09-13 (reply)  @skylark Thx 4 the link. Those videos are even better than this one. I think there's something wrong with me for liking it, but that doesn't make the videos any less interesting. Mainly I wonder if
kabooyah - 2009-09-14 (reply)  She is just hot in my books.Esp with the sain cloth on her.
up4it - 2009-09-14 (reply)  Great vid, i have another vid of the same girl where she lets the dog fuck her
- 2009-09-14 (reply)  milf
- 2009-09-15 (reply)  fist
- 2009-09-16 (reply)  zoo
nana - 2009-09-17 (reply)  dats nasty
Me. - 2009-09-17 (reply)  this girl is hot !!! and freaky !! I envy that dog ! I would lick her anytime.
- 2009-09-17 (reply)  I agree with WOW. NEED FULL VERSION !!!!!!!!!
jhay - 2009-09-17 (reply)  i want to be like your dog.. and i want to fuck you
299 - 2009-09-17 (reply)  god damn i wish it would show more id love to see the dog drill the shit out of her....shes fucking hot!! and i love to watch chicks fuck dogs!
- 2009-09-18 (reply)  dog
dog - 2009-09-18 (reply)  dog
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lil bow wow - 2009-09-21 (reply)  that dog is my hero yo
- 2009-09-21 (reply)  dog
the_cat - 2009-09-22 (reply)  Lucky son of a bitch...
- 2009-09-23 (reply)  horse
- 2009-09-23 (reply)  horse
X-boy - 2009-09-26 (reply)  can anybody tell me, where to find the full video
nobody - 2009-09-29 (reply)  WOW, the full video is completely awesome. Almost an hour long, but it is hot. The dog tears her up.
- 2009-09-29 (reply)  dog
- 2009-09-29 (reply)  dog
- 2009-09-30 (reply)  Still Popping Boners At 116
Wow - 2009-09-30 (reply)  Notice how he lays her on the couch, this aint the first time
fido - 2009-10-01 (reply)  I wish there was a way to tell if a chick has fucked a dog. This causes me to think that if a chick has a male dog with balls, then she is probably fucking it.
- 2009-10-02 (reply)  golden retriever
Michael Massacre - 2009-10-02 (reply)  This is very nice. Very hot action I must say
FULL VIDEO STREAMING - 2009-10-03 (reply)   THIS IS THE FULL VIDEO STREAMING h t t p : / / . h t m l
- 2009-10-03 (reply)   THIS IS THE FULL VIDEO STREAMING h t t p : / / h t m l
- 2009-10-03 (reply)   THIS IS THE FULL VIDEO STREAMING h t t p : / / h t m l
- 2009-10-03 (reply)   THIS IS THE FULL VIDEO STREAMING h t t p : / / h t m l
- 2009-10-03 (reply)  twins
- 2009-10-05 (reply)  Confirming the URL above.
- 2009-10-05 (reply)  link up above works remove the spaces
420024 - 2009-10-07 (reply)  i love it
- 2009-10-08 (reply)  ASIAN
- 2009-10-08 (reply)  horse
- 2009-10-10 (reply)  dog attacks girl sex
wiide - 2009-10-11 (reply)  perfekt
mel - 2009-10-11 (reply)  lots of girls do this i been doing it my dog for ages
lolpwnt - 2009-10-12 (reply)  omg this makes me sooooo hard
- 2009-10-12 (reply)  FOR HOT SOY SAUCE FLAVORED CHINESE PUSSY CALL 917 518 3766
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Seriously - 2009-10-27 (reply)  That is so immoral. Gross.
- 2009-10-31 (reply)  dog
- 2009-10-31 (reply)  horse
yeahright - 2009-10-31 (reply)  You cut out the best parts.
- 2009-11-01 (reply)  dog
alex - 2009-11-03 (reply)  ohhh yeahh
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tkr - 2009-11-19 (reply)  download to mydocument
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tkr - 2009-11-20 (reply)  sent to My Document
NOMI - 2009-11-22 (reply)  GOOD
mic - 2009-11-23 (reply)  can you buy the uncut video?
j - 2009-11-24 (reply)  j
doggie - 2009-11-25 (reply)  love it
- 2009-11-29 (reply)  Ive seen this girl once before, she did the dog in that video too; very grafic. Id like to see more of this confused but entertaining hottie.
- 2009-12-05 (reply)  dog
jaanman - 2009-12-06 (reply)  woooooooooooooooo
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- 2009-12-11 (reply)  dog fucks girl
aramapo - 2009-12-11 (reply)  armenapo
badman - 2009-12-14 (reply)  this is great where can i get the vid in full lengt
- 2009-12-17 (reply)  dog
JENA - 2009-12-17 (reply)   RODA TOTO O VIDEOS
ads - 2009-12-18 (reply)  addas
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priscila - 2010-01-09 (reply)  que video irrirante!
434 - 2010-01-11 (reply)  first
- 2010-01-16 (reply)  doggy
ustyad - 2010-01-18 (reply)  THE VIDEO is sexy a bit, it must shld content the graphics of penetrating, as it ll make it so hot. after all its a good clip, i like
- 2010-01-18 (reply)  h t t p : / / h t m l
Mandi - 2010-01-26 (reply)  That sucked she should take his knot for all that teasing
Im Big Mind You! - 2010-01-26 (reply)  GUYS! (and girls) Find many more videos of this doggy nimpho! MOTHERLESS.C O M SEARCH: SHYLARK I think I love her :)
nick - 2010-01-28 (reply)  wow shes crazy
Right fredd - 2010-01-30 (reply)  fred said fredd
critisizer - 2010-01-31 (reply)  My friend has a dog. If you lay on the couch and unzip your pants, he gets excited like he is about to get a treat. We all bust his balls because it is obvious that he lets the dog lick his cock when
critisizer - 2010-01-31 (reply)  My friend has a dog. If you lay on the couch and unzip your pants, he gets excited like he is about to get a treat. We all bust his balls because it is obvious that he lets the dog lick his cock when
citisizer - 2010-01-31 (reply)  that was posted previously here... but how would this guy find out tis about his friends dog?
Earl - 2010-01-31 (reply)  Need the full streaming version of this vid anyone know where it is ?
- 2010-02-05 (reply)  sick shit
ToeLvr - 2010-02-23 (reply)  EROTIC...SEXY...EXCITING....I just wish there was more and she lived next door
Adam - 2010-03-07 (reply)  mmmmmmmm... i think im in love... with the dog
JJ - 2010-03-15 (reply)  video bit old but if blue hoodrd female wants Im happy to finish what the dog cant
Ill - 2010-03-24 (reply)  the funny part is the cat
- 2010-04-05 (reply)  real doggy style
- 2010-04-13 (reply)  uselessgunk
ss - 2010-05-06 (reply)  ss
koolkat - 2010-05-12 (reply)  i love this that old fuck and suck shit...where can i get the unedited video??
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uyrezqdfg - 2010-05-25 (reply)  she's sexy and she just want to be fucked by her dog,really ecxiting!!
Fish - 2010-05-30 (reply)  She thinks shes seducing taylor lautner...and she definately on drugs. Hopefully.
- 2010-06-09 (reply)   dog
- 2010-06-17 (reply)  dog
Lilalilan - 2010-06-20 (reply)  hi
Kezza - 2010-06-26 (reply)  Where did you find this video? i'd like to see the whole thing.
- 2010-07-05 (reply)  h t t p : / / h t m l has been removed. Does ant one know where else u can find it??????
- 2010-07-05 (reply)  h t t p : / / h t m lt has been removed. Does any one know where else u can find it??????
steve - 2010-07-30 (reply)  would like full vid or more like it.
dragonguy - 2010-07-31 (reply)  take the dog out and the video would be fine - beastiality is fust wrong man wrong fit girl though
- 2010-08-04 (reply)  anyone know who the girl is? shes hott
Michelle - 2010-08-06 (reply)  A lot of girls experiment with their dogs... trust me dont knock it till you've tried it!!
- 2010-08-20 (reply)  有会说中文的吗
- 2010-08-21 (reply)  dog
- 2010-09-07 (reply)  That's 1 crazy bitch, I want ot fuck her so bad!
lol - 2010-09-08 (reply)  I want so too. i mean fuck girl
2010-09-20 - 2010-09-20 (reply)  I would do that chick in a second. I would like to see the full vid also
surfdrive - 2010-09-28 (reply)  fucking hot want all vid
noor_f70 - 2010-09-29 (reply)  its just perfect
danmaxim - 2010-10-21 (reply)  BUTIFUL
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Sfgfx - 2010-12-31 (reply)  Wow
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chrisso - 2011-03-14 (reply)  where can we find original for download
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deda - 2011-11-03 (reply)  fantastic.... lucky dog...;)
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