this dog is gonna tap some virgin ass

this chick is about to have her first sexual experience with a dog. she tells him no... but like any man, no really means - GO! I would hit that nice piece of ass too.
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- 2009-05-28 (reply)  none of that first shit
beast - 2009-05-28 (reply)  I would pay cash to see that whore fucked by a dog. she is hot as hell.
- 2009-05-28 (reply)  ha, dog just wants to play
- 2009-05-28 (reply)  what? nothing happened
bogart - 2009-05-28 (reply)  wtf? so this is wha????
- 2009-05-29 (reply)  y submit this it s stupid
GW BUSH - 2009-05-29 (reply)  I feel cheated.
truthbetold - 2009-05-29 (reply)  i am gay
- 2009-05-29 (reply)  didnt work on my internet
Hoover_Suckz_Nigga_C - 2009-05-29 (reply)  This site is worse than ever - first video you select and two pop ups in a row and thats before we have even seen a single clip - fuck off with this intrusive advertising, its pathetic
vanu - 2009-05-29 (reply)  hindhu
- 2009-05-29 (reply)  makes a change from a white woman with a monkey!
- 2009-05-29 (reply)  that sucked. she should gave cujo a blowjob and swallowed his load, after he pulled it out of her ass doggystyle. literally!
- 2009-05-29 (reply)  sucked
lameass shit - 2009-05-29 (reply)  what the fuck is with these goddamn redirects, click it once, redirected to another page, fucking bullshit ads. i'm surprised I can write this without getting fucking redirected to another goddman ad
- 2009-05-29 (reply)  The chick is ugly but I'd do the dog in the stinker..
Roberto - 2009-05-29 (reply)  That was nothing...just some hot chick playing with a dog
SayWhat? - 2009-05-29 (reply)  PAY ATTENTION SITE ADMINISTRATOR we are having too many popups and rediredects. The site is no longer pleasant to explore. I know you make money, but you might be overdoing it.
- 2009-05-30 (reply)  i would actually love to see that girl get fucked by that dog, in her sweet round plump ass
- 2009-05-30 (reply)  i would actually love to see that girl get fucked by that dog, in her sweet round plump ass
raju - 2009-05-30 (reply)  good
- 2009-05-30 (reply)  this video sucked balls the person who post it needs to be hanged
your moms in jail - 2009-05-30 (reply)  she likes it doggy style.
- 2009-05-30 (reply)  That dog is fucking gay! I would tap that ass if she stuck it out at me Fido, you dumb ass dog!
- 2009-05-31 (reply)  im so fucking tired of these ads. i dont know why i keep coming to this site. the videos arent as good anymore and these popups are fucking fucking anoying.
mgoogo - 2009-05-31 (reply)  mgoogo
zeake - 2009-05-31 (reply)  that dog is in for a real treat
crva19 - 2009-05-31 (reply)  good dog
- 2009-05-31 (reply)  fuck of pop ups
- 2009-05-31 (reply)  hoover is a lil bitch....uselessjunk sucks balls now
jdjdu - 2009-06-01 (reply)  First to say last
- 2009-06-01 (reply)  dog didnt do shit!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous - 2009-06-01 (reply)  anyone know where the rest of the video is?
joe - 2009-06-01 (reply)  dog wants to play
jjfdhd - 2009-06-02 (reply)  what a bitch...
- 2009-06-02 (reply)  i
evilkitty75 - 2009-06-02 (reply)  If ur gonna use the words Dog, Chick n Fuck @ least make sure he IS fuckin her!!
- 2009-06-02 (reply)  lolololololololol
DUALLY - 2009-06-02 (reply)  MY CHICK WOULDA FUCT IT
- 2009-06-02 (reply)  i liked the part where nothing happened
- 2009-06-03 (reply)  this site is just pethedic
jack - 2009-06-03 (reply)  it is a FTV-Girls-Photoshoot of Fiona . only posing.
dickless - 2009-06-03 (reply)  dog+ bitch+ ass SHOULD = fun! this = shit :-(
boner - 2009-06-03 (reply)  just fuck the dog - 2009-06-03 (reply)  2250
mhfjx - 2009-06-03 (reply)  hi
anonymous - 2009-06-03 (reply)  what a gay dog
yourmom - 2009-06-04 (reply)  --wtf, cute dog.
Linda - 2009-06-04 (reply)  I have no problem with beastiality as long as you don't force it. If ur a grown woman, or even a young girl I don't know, and ur dig comes onto you take off ur panties , lye back and spread your legs.
Linda - 2009-06-04 (reply)  Experience but trust me a new world of amazingness will open. And the bond between u and ur dog will be as strong as ever. It's important to still be dominant though, ie: when ur dog wants to fuck u s
Linda - 2009-06-04 (reply)  And a truly amazing lover/fuck machine. : ) trust me my dog is better than any man I've ever been with black or White. Linda
Hell yeah nig nog! - 2009-06-06 (reply)  If I got with you linda I'd stab ur fuckin small dick dog and insert my 9 inch black totem pole in your smelly puss. We'd both get aids but it's worth it I'll make u orgasm all night make you bleed bi
digigeist - 2009-06-06 (reply)  boring!
Educated Nigger - 2009-06-07 (reply)  What kind of dog was that it looks nice. But yeah that woman is an ugly ass bitch fuck that ho.
Mr Wigglybum - 2009-06-07 (reply)  I bet u wanna pound that animal don't ya you fucking nappy head. Blacks next favourite thing after crack cocaine drug smuggling is beastiality. So fuck you black nappy head mother fucker
Educated Nigger - 2009-06-07 (reply)  JESUS matt get a fucking LIFE! You don't have to stalk me after every comment in every post you fucking loser
Sparkling Wiggles - 2009-06-07 (reply)  Fuck that poser that ain't fucking me. WHY CANT YOU get that in your dumb nappy head. People keep using my name cause they wanna destroy my legend. He's probably black or you you smelly fuckin nappy h
Educated Nigger - 2009-06-07 (reply)  Fuck this site I'm gone now. This is just pathetic now you don't know where you fucking stand. It's epic fail and you can all suck my big black totem pole bitches. Next stop: the forums. Later
jay - 2009-06-10 (reply)  no vid
anonymous - 2009-06-14 (reply)  said
Educated Nigga - 2009-06-14 (reply)  Only joking.......I'm baaaaaaccckk. Biasaatchesssdsssssssss. Did you miss me? And to the guy above me, this is UJ comments bitch. If you ain't gonna say something racist, demeaning to women or just h
tunnu - 2009-06-22 (reply)  i want to see
- 2009-07-02 (reply)  lol funny thing is thas her dog and she probably gives it sum great head. Sad a dog is gettin alll that pussy
jghkl - 2009-07-19 (reply)  kghjkhkl
- 2009-08-08 (reply)
- 2009-08-08 (reply)
david - 2009-08-10 (reply)  hahaha fuk. blue balls
rohan - 2009-08-13 (reply)  i like this video
Pirat3 - 2009-08-20 (reply)  firefox + noscript + admuncher are your friends and solve yr problems :-)
- 2009-08-29 (reply)  wow i need fuck this doggy
- 2009-09-20 (reply)  amimal sex
- 2009-09-22 (reply)  dog
- 2009-10-10 (reply)  dog
- 2009-10-12 (reply)  HORSE
- 2009-10-25 (reply)  animal
- 2009-10-25 (reply)  shit
george - 2009-11-01 (reply)  crap
beasty - 2009-11-08 (reply)  let him have it
- 2009-12-13 (reply)  Jaun
Jaun - 2009-12-13 (reply)  Awsome...
- 2010-01-14 (reply)  horse
- 2010-02-18 (reply)  animal
teco - 2010-02-18 (reply)  chido
- 2010-09-02 (reply)  sleeping
tiereficker - 2012-08-31 (reply)  wer mehr tiersex sehen möchte kann mal tiereficker googeln- viel spass
Eltrome - 2013-01-27 (reply)  Its perfect.
nickname - 2014-05-30 (reply)  animal
Gggg - 2014-08-08 (reply)  Good
nickname - 2015-01-10 (reply)  beastiality
nickname - 2015-05-09 (reply)  creampie

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